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September 23 2003

(SPOILER) TV Gal's seen the first two episodes of Angel. "I thought the first episode was okay, and the second episode was fabulous" but which character does she want dropped? Kristin at E! Online thinks the episodes are "amazing" and "the dynamic of this new ensemble is pretty great".

And for those interested in the timeline:

"Angel's second ep picks up nineteen days after the Buffy finale, so Spike has been missing in action for exactly that long before he reappears in the middle of Angel's posh new office at Wolfram & Hart."

Gotta agree with TVGal on this one; I haven't even seen the eps, but I'm ready for Eve to go away. I can feel myself becoming one of those whiny, "Bring back Lilah & Cordy!" people. Sigh. We may be annoying, but we're right!
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