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June 06 2009

Gina Torres on 'Pushing Daisies' Tonight. Gina Torres' episode airs tonight, 10/9 central, as ABC burns off the final three episodes of the (sadly) cancelled 'Pushing Daisies' on Saturdays.

Link to the slightly spoilery episode description here.

This aired over here in Ireland a while back. Very good episode and Gina is great in it.
Can't wait! Still PO'd this show got cancelled, but glad they are finally airing the last few episodes.
Anything one could say about her appearance would be an enormous spoiler... but this is a definite must watch!
It's a fun episode, Gina is great in it.
Thank you for not spoilering, iwearthecheese! I am so thrilled that they are airing these final episodes, and I'm really looking forward to this one tonight with Gina (and it was great seeing her last night on the NUMB3RS rerun!).
She wasn't on Numb3rs last night. But she was on Bones earlier this week.

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Eventually Gina Torres will have been on everything!
I haven't watched the series in awhile, but I caught this episode after seeing this thread. I just love Gina Torres, and this was fun to watch.
Only one left. *sniff*
I'll join you with the sniffles, Ifwewait. But I'm glad that at least ABC is airing the last three episodes (even if it is on Saturday night). This episode was delightful as always and Gina looked gorgeous. What great costumes she had. My only disappointment is we won't see more of her - it would have been a treat to see her character reprised, and the resolution of that particular Emerson plot line. Sigh... And watching tonight after such a long absence on my television screen made me realize how much I love the quirky and utterly unique dialogue on this show - it's like a word orgy- the rhyming, alliteration, vocabulary, similes etc. I heart it very much.
onthedrift, it would have been great to see the resolution of any number of plot lines... These last episodes are at once wonderful to watch, and painful, knowing that our time with them remains limited. So much to love about this show.
onthedrift and kishi:

Yes, the pain is mighty. Daisies' cancellation is easily my biggest heartbreak since Firefly. I guess we can just be happy we got a second season.

I guess. :(
However, watching these last few eps dubbed in German I felt they were a bit... off. Not quite the amazing conclusion I had hoped for. But I'll give them another try now that they're out in English.
Personally, I thought that the German dubbing of "Pushing Daisies" was quite good compared to other shows, though obviously nothing can reach the original English version. Everything is just better when it's original.
It's coming back in comics, but who would read a TV-series continued in comics anyway.
Really? Are the comics written/overlooked by Fuller? That would be great.
Yep, the comics are masterminded by Fuller.

Does ABC put the show on its website though still, or hulu or anything? While yes I know that the series is canceled, I'd at least be willing to waste their bandwidth to watch the show again...
orangewaxlion (awesome nick btw)

I'm currently watching S1 at
I saw the last three eps at the Arclight Dome a few weeks ago. Met Ellen Greene, too. It is a travesty ABC is dumping the show. Maybe it thinks it's too whimisical and optimistic to exist in these horrible and depressing times...or maybe ABC should have repeated the show last summer to remind people how good it is. Well, there's still the DVD set coming next month...and the comics
I loved this episode and I, too, am sad that there's only one more left. But the comics start in September, published by DC. It's a 12 issue mini-series, but there will probably be more if they sell well.
Yeah, I'm happy about the comics. Better than nothing.

But no way in hell it could come close to the level of entertainment a TV episode provides. So many things to enjoy in the show that can't come through on pages. Oh well.

What I wonder about in the German dubbed versions, is how stuff comes across like this ep's damn/dam comedy. That was wonderful.
To those who are wondering about the comics, it's currently set to be 12 issues from DC comics starting this fall. If the comic book sells well, there might be more after that. Also these 12 issues will deal with the planned story arc for the end of season 2, had they been picked up for another 9 episodes.

Perhaps Gina Torres's character Lila will appear in the comic?

Also similar to the Buffy comic, apparently Bryan Fuller doing some things in the comic that they could never have done in the tv series because of budget. I just hope not only do they get the right artist, but more importantly the right colourist, as the vibrant colours was such an important part of the show.

Here's an article with SciFi Wire and one from Digital Spy about the series and the plans for the comic book. There are some spoilers in the articles, so you may want to wait until you've watched the last episode before reading these links.
Arrgh, I really hope that the comic doesn't do what Whedon does. That is, when there is limitless budget, he starts doing stupid shit like dragons and centaurs and giants.

It's stuff like this that makes me glad there are executives who say no.

ImpalerGeneral, did people gasp at the ending of the finale? I know I did. Followed by rage.
What I wonder about in the German dubbed versions, is how stuff comes across like this ep's damn/dam comedy.

Well, it doesn't. :)

While I agree with Donnie that they really tried to make the German dubbing as good as possible, shows like PD really go out of their way to make the dialog snappy and clever. Dubbing is doomed to fail on such shows.

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