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June 07 2009

Eliza promotes her computer game 'Wet'. I haven't seen this here yet (and it still has a low number of hits, so I think it is new): I love seeing Eliza Dushku doing a computer game character, not all big stars want to do this, but you know there will be a movie of 'Wet'... eventually.

It is a fun lively interview about a new game which will probably be a big hit.

-resists smutty pun with the title-
The game looks excellent, and I'd love her character. (My best-favorite-strongest character ever was of course a female assassin.)

Damn this whole career thing, not letting me get involved in gaming as I did when I was a student. I'm picky, but this is one I would try if I had the time. And money for a system.

It's easy to make time for games and such if you like them enough, but I'm not sacrificing my current stories/writers/other hobby for this one.

I hope for her it's a big hit.
Is it bad that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the extreme level of violence in that game? There's just something fun about games like that.

Does anyone know if that's going to be released on PC? Sadly, I haven't the cash for another game system at the moment.
Looks like a fun game, a bit like Stranglehold.
Plus Eliza Dushku is just instant love.

Btw what's up with all the professional actors voicing videogame-characters lately.
We got Eliza for this, Fillion, Tudyk and Baldwin for Halo:ODST, Patrick Stewart, Jason Isaacs and Robert Carlyle for Castlevania:Lords of Shadows and Claudia Black(good god I love her voice) for the unbelievably awesome Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Definitely a trend I like.
This may turn into one of my new favorite games.
I can't wait to play this, i love all the kick ass action or adventure games..well most of them anyways. I think i'll love this one for 2 reasons; Eliza Dushku and the kick ass fight moves her character is packing.
If they actually do a movie for this i bet Eliza would be involved with it too, cos she has the looks and can have the attitude to play the live action Rubi.
Isn't Patrick Stewart also the new voice for Chester the Cheetos mascot?

Anyway, this is actually pretty neat. That sequence at the end of the video where Dushku's character is just flipping on and off the top of moving cars on a highway is ridiculous but sort of amazing.

And I just think it's sort of strange but funny that apparently Dushku has some random 14 year old boy tag along to test out video games for/with her.
Felicia, those ARE her whites in the dryer...

[ edited by iwearthecheese on 2009-06-08 00:57 ]

I would guess the 14-year-old is her cousin(maybe nephew?) she's talked about before. Just a guess though.

This looks really cool. And I thought I couldn't love Eliza any more than I already do. Amazing.
Had not heard of this game. Which isn't saying much as I had never heard of a game called 'Saints Row 2' either, and was really surprised to hear Eliza's voice in there.

"and Claudia Black(good god I love her voice) for the unbelievably awesome Uncharted 2: Among Thieves."

This made me laugh quite loudly as I have only now, this very day, started watching (and thoroughly loving) Farscape. :D

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