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June 07 2009

V Panel at Comic Con 2009? Seat 42F says it's happening, and that details about all the Comic Con events are going to begin rolling out over the next few weeks.

There are a few more Comic Con bits and pieces some of you vampire-lovers might be happy to hear...Also, Comic Con is completely SOLD OUT. Just sayin'.

rude! They put a big ole' picture of Jensen and Jared at the top, and there's no info!
Bits and pieces of some of the smaller panels have started cropping up on Twitter also, if you run a couple searches. And over on Facebook, The Legend of Neil (which includes Felicia Day again this year) announces its panel/screening Saturday July 25th at 7:30pm.

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Is there a place compiling all this info b!X? I'm about to go into Comic-Con overdrive mode in the coming weeks.
I hope something I really love, like Lost or True Blood will be happening on Saturday so I can plan how early to get there and camp out. That would be awesome.
@ Tonya J
I know what you mean I also only managed to get Saturday tickets. :sigh:
ooo! This will be my first con! Getting excited!!! :D

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