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June 07 2009

Felicia Day Rumors! Catch The Fever On Twitter! The Guild star shares a list of her favorite rumor hash tags, broken up into categories from this new trend on Twitter that's spreading like wildfire.

There's even an entire website related to this, which Felicia links to on her blog.

I'm oddly proud that one of mine made the cut.
The latest rumor is that she has a second, secret list of the ones she really liked, which is why none of mine appear on the public list.

Yeah, that's it.
That's where mine are too B!x...bloody husbando made it to her favs though! Pppppft.
Sound like the Chuck Norris facts, like "Chuck Norris doesn't do push ups, he is in fact pushing the Earth down" and "Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Unfortunately Chuck Norris has never cried."
Sound like the Chuck Norris facts...

Which is why there's an entire section of those at the linked item. ;)
This is all so weird.

It looks like Zachsmind got in twice. I'm sure the B!x and others are on that super private list that she keeps under her pillow. (nods sincerely)
Hah! She included Maurissa's response to mine but not mine. :( Mine was really good - korkster and crazygolfa said so! :P
I'm hurt that none of mine made the cut. She must still be bitter over that epic failed and tragic affair we had a few years back. #feliciadayrumors
The Guild is now available on Boxee thru a free App from the App Box. Hooray!

Now to learn Twitter and rumor how Felicia Day is available on my AppleTV and 46" TV... I think I suck at this.

I see Felicia Day people.//=feliciadayroombas
Are you guys talking about Bill Brasky?
Felicia is a gem. Personally, I think it's time to swap out the Serenity thumbnail at the top of the page with a close up of our Penny. If there's one thing I've learned from Joss, the setting just doesn't matter...Serenity could have been The Love Boat from the 1970's or a fox-hole in WWI and it still would have been all about the characters. This is my justification/rationalization for removing the only inanimate object (in space) at the top of the page.

Since I've shirked my twitter duties (haven't visited twitter since we all went twitter crazy here a month ago), I'll add my own Felicia Day rumor:

#FeliciaDay is totally dating @alexreager.

Well a nerdy guy can dream, right? Man, I'm so lame.
Blasphemy! Serenity is the 10th character don't ya know. I'd love to see Felicia or NPH up there, it's just hard to take any of those out is all. Besides, Felicia already owns the rest of the internet.
I made the *public* list. *does dance*

I kinda wish this one made it... but I can see how it might have been over-looked. ;)

@feliciaday said it really does look like a hammer. #feliciadayrumors


As far as pics go, why don't we add more photo spots?

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