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June 07 2009

Dr. Horrible Official Merchandise on sale for Father's Day. $15 a shirt and there are also some bundling choices available now.

I ordered me a Freeze Ray shirt before posting case they sold out of my size.

Yes, and shipping costs are unbelievable! I was going to order 3 tees and the standard 5-9 business shipping cost was almost $15! You can fit 3 tees in a priority mail small box for only $10! and get it in 2 days! The 2-day express on Bravado is almost $24!!! Wait, can I use one more exclamation point? Yes!

Sorry, but this really irritates me, it's such a rip-off. Not the Whedonseses's fault, but sheesh! (Oops, I forgot I used my last allowable exclamation point already. Sorry!)
Yeah, I was shocked at the shipping costs too. I like to think of the shipping charge as shipping and handling and you know the cost of henchmen labor now adays.
The sale price on the shirt saved me the cost of shipping one shirt. Cost me $24.26. The shirt normally costs $25.00 + shipping and handling.
Haha, I'm clearly a terrible person, because my first thought when I saw shocked indignation about Horrible-related distribution was "HA! Now you know how WE feel!"

Then I grew a soul and slapped myself for this. With the soul. Quite weighty, it was.

And (almost) on this subject, here. I'd been curious to see if the Whedonverse would find this on its own, and/or how long it would take, but evidently I'm an impatient man, ready to pounce at the slightest opportunity for self-promotion. I hope someone (either within or without America) enjoys it. :)

You've got a minor typo in the tags, by the way.
The price is good value until you look at shipping costs, it's about $25 to the UK and it will take something like 28 days!
This is the sort of thing that British comic book shops should be selling.
Allow me to add to the deal-breaking chorus of '$9.36 to ship a t-shirt??? Really????'

Thank you!

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Oooh. I want the double-shirt & tote. $10 isn't that bad, is it? Huh. I don't think so.
Are there British or other country online sellers like Jinx and bravadousa that Doc could be using for non-USA sales? We could send Doc suggestions.

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