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June 07 2009

Tom Lenk enters the Cabin in the Woods. Tom tweets that he finished filming his role a few weeks ago.

So we have Fran Kranz, Tom Lenk and possibly Amy Acker.

Was wondering how quickly this would make its way over here.

ETA that this was prompted by a mention in Variety which was questionable at the time because it also claims production "has begun", when in reality filming just wrapped.

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That is so cool!
That's fantastic, I love Tommy.
That's great news! Saw it this morning on twitter, can't wait 4 this movie.
Do people actually question Variety regarding this sort of casting thing when I imagine that it's probably them just parroting information from actual casting sides or whatever? Like they might get the general gist of a project wrong but-- wait, so I guess it does call into question their understanding of the minutia.

For example, what exactly is "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend"? I sort of figured they generally go with the most recent project or recognizable/buzzworthy but evidently that's not true, upon cursory IMDBing of the other listed actors. Still, that project doesn't even seem to be listed...

In any case, yay more Lenk! I was disappointed to find out that none of the analysts including him were gonna be in Transformers so it'll be cool to have him turn up in basically any other major film production that I stand a chance of being able to see.
Yay Tom Lenk! He needs to be in more big stuff, too, because not enough people know how awesome he is! Which is a total injustice!
Tommy actually started filming My Girlfriend's Boyfriends (which just started being filmed) after wrapping Cabin in the Woods. Just saying.
I like to pretend that I broke this news, with all of my deep insider knowledge... obviously.
Knuckleball, I had noticed him mentioning a movie in Vancouver, and was hoping it was Cabin, too!
So happy he confirmed! We really do need more Tom on screen!
If filming has wrapped, why is there still a question about some peoples' involvement in it?
Ahhhh Tom and Fran together!! I've died and gone to geek heaven.
Oh, no wait.. I'm focusing just now...Fran and Tom together?!?!
But that's AWESOME-r!!!!
JotheCat: "Oh, no wait.. I'm focusing just now...Fran and Tom together?!?!
But that's AWESOME-r!!!!"

But everybody dies alone.
He also appeared on the Six Feet Under I watched today. Tom is in all the good stuff! Makes me even more exited about the Cabin (and that was pretty hard.) Awesome news!

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