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June 08 2009

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall discusses Angel: Only Human. First write-up about the 5-part miniseries beginning in August.

Sorry if this ends up being a double post, my first one seems to have disappeared:

I've kind of given op on "Aftermath" because of the annoying bare-midriff art (How they ruined Kate!) and the fan-fictional plot. But this sounds interesting, and I love Messina's art!
Hmm, I thought this was Lynch, Whedon, and Urru/Mooney again. Who are Lobdell and Messina? Is this going to be weird and funky like Aftermath is?

Am I going to have to pretend Gunn is still laying in the hospital?
Messina did one or two issues of "After The Fall", and, if I remember correctly, the Wes/Fred segment of "First Night". I think he did quite well, even though his likenesses of Wes and Fred oscillated btw. spot-on and totally unrecognizable.

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