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June 08 2009

James Marsters voices new video game. He's part of the voice cast for the Wii game "Real Heroes: Firefighter".

Cool - I didn't even know they made games like this. Glad James is associated with it. Much more interesting than alien-killer, speed racer, or big-boobed assassin genre.
Is it wrong that seeing James' name listed first after the words "Phenomenal Hollywood voice cast" made me quite so happy?

Good for him :)
He has such an amazing voice. I'm guessing this is good pay for smaller effort but.... Damn!! I'd rather SEE him. I guess you take what you can get. I'm absurdly happy with his Dresdan audiobooks.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Even more impressive; as I recall he's also 'lost his hair' for pediatric cancer fundraising.
Yes, Spikesgurl, I was also very excited to see him listed first! Of course, he's always first on my list....

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