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June 08 2009

Buffy figurines to hit US comic book shops. Bleeding Cool says that "Eaglemoss has arranged for their Buffy line of magazines and figurines to be distributed in the USA".

I have some of their Marvel and DC figurines.
They do some amazing work on these collectibles.

The Spike figure looks great!
The Buffy figure makes her look like she's almost 6 feet tall. Buffy's short, people. Her legs aren't that long.
Are they out in the UK yet? i haven't seen them anywhere
Saw the Buffy one in WH Smiths a while back. You could try your comic book shop as well.
Yeah, the Spike one is fantastic--face, pose, everything. Buffy and Angel, not so much. The faces are a little off, and as EPS noted, Buffy's legs are way long.
Angel looks more like Robert Forster...or Jack Webb.

At least the Buffy figure isn't ugly. That's one reason why I never bought any of the action figures of the women, they didn't look pleasant to me.
But Diamond Select Toys says there's no market for Buffy figures, and they're always right about everything!!!
"Saw the Buffy one in WH Smiths a while back. You could try your comic book shop as well."

I don't have a comic book shop where i live, how much was it?
I think it's about ten quid.
This Buffy figurine is awesome! I'm not usually into the action dolls but I might just have to have one.
Cool, i'll be getting the Buffy and Spike figures.

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