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June 08 2009

Two new movies for Neil Patrick Harris. NPH will star in indie comedy The Best And The Brightest and Beastly.

I hope he sings in one of them...

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I just finished reading Beastly a couple days ago. It's a decent retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story set in modern day NYC with the requisite teenage pretty-boy jerk turned monster. The character that NPH would be playing, a blind tutor to the beastly main character, doesn't have a whole lot to do besides assigning literature with relevance to the plot. He does get what limited snark is present in the story. Who knows how the role will end up on-screen...probably no singing!
Any similiraties with the 80's show written by George R. R. Martin?
I'm not surprised his role is small in Beastly as The Best and the Brightest filming overlaps with it.
I first read it as one title... it kinda works.
I will watch him in anything...PERIOD.
I've actually wanted an updated live action version of Beauty and the Beast for a long time, but done like Ever After, and not with kids as the leads.

So...disappointing, but again, I'll watch NPH in anything.
josswhedonaddict, what are "kids" though? Both leads in Ever After were relatively young.

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