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June 08 2009

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Q&A for Tales of the Vampires. Dark Horse' editor in chief answers fan questions over at Slayalive and reveals a new small project for the Buffyverse.

Whoa... so many possible bits of information here.

1. Willow one-shot?!?! That's... erm, is my leg being pulled?
2. More Tales-like stuff. Cool.
3. Possibly the payoff for bringing back Amy, and I'm guessing Warren too, since he's gonna be in "Retreat".
4. Hmmm... re: smaller cast for S9... wondering if that's because it's a Scooby-centric storyline (wonder if the term "Scoobies" will still be relevant then), or because we'll finally see how the 2000 Slayers become 1/2 a Slayer. I've a feeling that S8 has to reconcile those bits since it's been so heavily hinted at. Plus, addressing the disconnect between "Chosen" and Fray was the point of S8 afterall...
5. So that's 3-pages of Chen/Whedon goodness? Should be neat.
I do think Scott Allie is the bomb. I like his stance on the "why did this happen / not happen" questions whereby he essentially says "hey, can you think of a reason it could happen? Yeah? Me too, so why are you asking?" Excellent.
Willow one-shot this fall! The Whedon/Chen MDHP is now 3 pages and I'm embracing the "less than serious" as a pro - because any serious exploration deserves more than 3 pages. An original cast member is showing interest in working with Dark Horse and there's going to be an announcement in the future. I'm betting it's Seth Green showing interest. He's a huge comics guy, actually reads the Buffy comic and is certainly creative enough to come up with something.

Does Felicia Day count as an original cast member? Hmm who counts as an original cast member?
Day definitely does. I'd say that he means anyone who was ever in the live action series.
Willow one-shot! Well, my giblets are officially tickled...
Yeah I'd assumed so then wondered original as in Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles original. Either Day or Green would be very cool.
Well, so there is this comment: "Jay: Are there any intimate relationships coming up (either romantic or sexual) that would definitely be controversial?" Scott Allie: Yep."

If they throw Willow and Oz into bed with one another, that will the last time Buffy I ever read.
I'm getting flashbacks of all that intense and passionate speculation about Faith and Giles getting into bed for #24. Boy did we get that one wrong.
Dana5140, I don't think you have to worry. In a SlayAlive Jeanty Q&A he said that Willow & Oz fans might not have much to be happy about with future developments. I'm leaning towards the future relationship developing as Xander and Dawn. They seem to be going off on their own for the Retreat arc. Can you say "Love on a Submarine"?
If they reduce SLayers back to "One badly-treated girl in the whole lousy ungrateful world" I will definitely stop reading.

I've got my fingers crossed for Tara Satsu gorgeousity, tho....

23. buffycomic: Also, will there ever be bonus material in the BUffy trade paperbacks - could be sketches or notes, commentary etc.

Scott Allie: Aside from ancillary story bits, probably not. Not in the paperbacks ... tease ...

Could he be hinting at possible HARDCOVERS?? I've been holding off on the trades, so I may as well hold off longer if hardcovers are in the works!
Yay for more Amy and for more Warren! I want to see these two get into the thick of it.
DaddyCatALSO, the Slayers WILL be reduced to one badly-treated girl in a lousy ungrateful world, mainly because, well.. Fray. Season 8 is all about explaining how we get from Chosen to the future.
Riker, there has been talk of a greater hardcover collection. I believe the words "deluxe edition" were used to describe it. It's not supposed to come out til after Season 8 is complete (so long way off) and will include extras.
Perseo, I'm not sure we should assume Fray's future is inevitable. I thought the point of Time of Your Life was to show Buffy the future so she could possibly avert it. I actually think Buffy will be the one to end the slayer line this season instead of Twilight but not so much because of Fray's future. I don't think that's written in stone anymore.
I believe Buffy will be the one to end the slayer line too (the closest betrayal hint), but from what we've seen at the end of Time Of Your Life, Buffy's trip to the future is exactly what ensured Fray's future to come. Buffy gets back to her time, and Fray's present doesn't change a bit. And J. himself said his main motivation to write S8 was connect the dots between S7 and Fray.
I think we can expect a few interesting releases for the in-between season hiatus, which by counting will be only like 1st half of 2011.

Guess we have a lot of Buffyverse worth of material for the upcoming years.
Hey guys,haven't been around a while since my computer crashed last month(than I went on a trip to the U.K.)but I have had limited internet access through the library over the last few weeks(so I saw the Buffy movie news for example).Anyway,just read the Q/A and thought Scott gave lots of interesting new info such as the Willow one-shot and the new info on the Jo Chen online story next month.

I just bought a new computer and will have it hooked up by the weekend so hopfully,I'll be back online regularly pretty soon.
Emmie, thanks for telling me! I'll continue to collect the floppies, but I'll definitely get the Deluxe Hardcovers when Season 8 is over. Now I won't bother with the trades---this will save me from triple dipping!
I think that Fray's time was build/explained in "Time Of Your Life" by Future Willow:

WOMAN: What happens in your time will cause your time to come, do you see?

And if Future Willow was telling the truth, she was only lying to one of the twins, and that was obviously Mel, since her time didn't cease to exist when Buffy hopped the portal.
There's two schools of geeked-out thought regarding the meaning and ramifications of Time of Your Life here and here if you wish to be more thoroughly confused about time travel. I can tell you that the result of these two geeked out analyses was that there are two valid interpretations:

1) Buffy's actions are leading towards creating Fray's future.
2) Through being shown the future, Buffy's now on a path that will split off from Fray's future, creating a separate universe for Fray so her world still exists.
And joss being Joss, he'll make both camps sweat as long and as thoroughly as he can *weg.

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