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June 08 2009

Eliza Dushku and Jason Sudeikis Outtakes. These are outtakes from Eliza's brief E3 appearance from The Jimmy Fallon Show.

A little awkward, but Eliza is gracious as always.

OK, that was hilarious. I love how he kept trying to find out where she lives. Very cute.
That was the funniest (awkward) thing I've seen in a while.
Gracious? Eliza was way beyond gracious; the interviewer was bordering on obnoxious. Half expecting her to say, "Down boy!"
You might assume Sudeikis is sweating profusely because of the lights. I have another theory... ;-)
It seemed like mutual flirtation to me.... but maybe I'm doing it wrong.
Didn't look mutual at all to me. Notice how she kept wanting to talk about the game. Makes total sense that those were the outtakes.
I noticed that she was joking about wanting to talk about the game, but never actually changing the subject. And it's not like they were actual outtakes hidden from the audience due to total embarrassment. Hello, they were willfully put online for you to be fed.

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