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June 08 2009

Felicia Day playing Natal. Felicia Day playing with Natal and not looking silly at all!!

This looks like a total blast! I can't wait to see what they do with this technology!

The video is adorable, to be sure. Alas, the writer sticks his pedal extremity (as Hank McCoy would say) in his mouth with the line, "famous people who have nothing to do with gaming." He might want to look up who Felicia is again. And the comment "B-grade celebs" is the kind of gratuitous rudeness I detest on the net.
Yeah, I didn't like the tone to his article either. Unfortunately this seems to be the trend with a lot of gaming sites. Any way it could be linked to just the video? She looked like she had a blast playing it and I loved when she did the little cheerleader jump at the end and then grabs her leg & goes "ouch"!
Here's a direct link.
Thanks Nemo - I changed the link and the title to your link! Now no annoying article and annoying Paris Hilton picture to scroll through!
the way she showed 'throw(ing) a fireball like that' looked like a really interesting way for using the technology. I definitely hope that they use the tech that way - as opposed to the demos, which really just show it being used like a wii controller or as a non-controller controller. But what she did is, in it's way, a better hint at what real innovative design might unfold.

Obviously they need to hire her to help them develop the shiny into shinier.
Reading this and the comments there just made me angry.

is the kind of gratuitous rudeness I detest on the net.

What SoddingNancyTribe said. Agree'd.

Oh, and not linking, but... About the fireball... there's a fun Felicia video done with that bit of the video. Just saying, hehe.

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She's so delightfully geeky...
Can you imagine how much more fun Oblivion could have been if you had to get up and do the sword fights and use your hands like she did to do the spells?
OMG! How have I not heard of this project? Totally cool!

I have a Wii and love it to pieces but this would completely smash it. Guess I better get my 360 red-ring problem fixed...again. < /grumble>

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I loved the leg kick!
Always stretch before doing the high leg kick.

Also for those not in the know (didn't watch the E3 stuff last week), both the PlayStation 3 and the Wii have similar projects coming out in the next year or two. So far the X-Box one looks the most polished, but it is also lacking some buttons and precise axis controls that the other two have. I guess we will see which one is best, and which one has the better games, when they are all released.
Do you have a link to any info on those projects, Jayne's Hat?
Can you imagine how much more fun Oblivion could have been if you had to get up and do the sword fights and use your hands like she did to do the spells?

I'd be cream crackered after two minutes. I just like to crash on the sofa and play from there.
Here are links to some of the Project Natal videos.

But also don't miss the demo video of Milo.
Sure thing Kishi.

Click here for the PS3 demo.

Click here for the Wii demo.

Notice how both of these have precision hand movement tracking instead of just full body tracking. I do not really know which one of the 3 will work best in an actual game, but I am excited to find out.

Hopefully I will finally get that Lightsaber dueling game I always thought the Wii would give us. No, the current one doesn't count!
And, not to start a ruckus, but Felicia just responded with a classy post on the originally-linked page regarding her gaming background and, erm, other things . . .
Felicia is the coolest nerd ever!
Now imagine this technology synched with a lightweight, wireless VRD (Virtual Retinal Display) and 3D Surround-Sound Audio Headset. Computer's have had, for years now, the central processor and graphical processor power to support full-on Virtual Reality games. What they've been lacking is both an acceptable Display and Interface. Natal seems to have at least solved the Interface problem...meaning we're one more tiny, technological step closer to voluntarily plugging ourselves into The Matrix.

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She's a class act.
She really is.

"Upgrade" - hee.

She's on my A-list, which is the only one I care about.

Oh, Felicia, how I love thee...
Felicia's comment made my day. Everytime I think I couldn't admire her more, she goes one higher.
Between this video and her Bui Brothers pics & video, my crush on Felicia Day has gone nuclear.

ETA: and her response on that website was pure class. As always.

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Class and finesse must run in her veins (even with a classy "Ouch!", which I'm sure every nerdy gamer saw and thought "Damn, she jumped higher than I ever could").

And that comment, with no hint of ego attached to the "I actually wrote a show about gamers", made me smile and thank Joss (the only "bully in the sky" I'm willing to belive in) for classy nerds.

RE: Oblivion spells- With sound-syncing done properly, I would be happy to electrocute Mudcrabs all day with hand gestures!
My new dream is that Bethseda would re-release Morrowind with Oblivion-or-better graphics, some extended gameplay, and Natal-style spells, sneaking and arching. I would relish an extra visceral element to killing cliff racers!

Morrowind was my first ever game (apart from playing Tetris twice when I was nine). Discovering that and Buffy within a six month time frame marked my descent (ascent?) into utter geekdom, so both will always have a special place in my heart!
Ildeth, embrace your inner, outer, hidden and ephemeral geek...
... Like you have to drown yourself in that Temple quest! Just let it happen!
Morrowind is a great game, the GOTY edition has Reavers and a bloke uttering the words "Once more with feeling" whenever you meet him for the first time.

Fallout 3 has Three Dog saying "You can't stop the signal" on his radio station.
Gah, cliff racers. I got so frickin' sick of those things. Every hundred feet in the Ashlands...

Oh right, and Felicia's the bee's knees.
Wow, what a great and classy response from Felicia. She handled the juvenile comments really well.
*claps for Felicia's comment*
She's classy. And she's super cool.
I <3 Felicia.
Loved the fireball thing. I'm fighting game aficionado, trying to picture playing a Street Fighter or Samurai Showdown or Tekken in this platform it'd be quite interesting.
I think I'm glad that the feed arrived directly with the video link, and not the article link, with the derogatory remarks.
If she hurt her leg, I know a good chiropractor... :-)
I lurves me some Felicia :-D

Really liked the way she commented (Why does the music from Dr. Horrible's Commentary! track popup?)
We just took a step towards our very own holodeck!
In a bid to remove distraction and further my screenwriting ambitions (yeah, thanks, Joss) I sold my 360 a few weeks ago... right before Natal. Sigh.
Her response to that article made my day!!

Probably right Simon about doing the sword fights in Oblivion would be too tiring (I like my couch too much too) but doing the spells would be a blast!!
I liked it when she enthusiastically high-kicked and then said, "Awwwwww"

She's the bomb.
Well, at least he didn't say "G-list;" that would have been even ruder. (I call all my favorite celebs that since I'm convinced nobody ever likes who I like.)
Yep, that was a rude article and a classy response. And an incredibly cute video. Or, basically, what y'all were saying before I chose to respond to this post.

So, to sum up: all of you are right. Please continue.
Awesome response by Felicia. A class of red hair. :)

Maybe they can incorporate the two options- sword fight with your controller if you want, or get a work out... all without having to "tell" the system which way you want to play.

That'd be sweeet.
I admit I may be biased considering that I'm a PS3 owner, but I just can't see Natal being too useful.

While initially the concept seems cool, ie.. imagine being yourself in a one-on-one fighting game, when confronted with reality, the shine will fade. You may not be able to do backflips, what if you can't kick head high or do a leg sweep, and more importantly, repeatedly punching air can lead to hyper-extension of the joints if you don't have anything to actually hit.

The PS3 one actually seems useful (thanks to the first steps taken by the Wii) the precision demonstrated was particularly impressive. That bit on the E3 '09 demo where they tip the skeletons jaw up with the tip of the sword was outstanding.

The Wii will probably win out though, since Nintendo can see past the FPS/sports/RPG rut that the other consoles have dug themselves into.
Solution: same technology, all in your hand!
Jabbing= sword thrust, sweeping arm gesture= power attack, weird little claw/hand thing= lightning bolt (or elemental attack of your choice).
All the walking, running, backflipping, out-of-fight actions are done with a seperate, handheld controller (much like Wii)...
Of course, this will only come to fruition when I'm 60, but I'd like to dream.

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