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June 09 2009

New Eliza Movie: Valediction. Filming in Boston. Also stars Ben Barnes who played Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Film Premise: "When a car accident leaves a father fighting for his daughter’s life, his journey for the pieces of the puzzle that will save her lead him to discover it's actually his life that he is fighting for."

In the film, Dushku plays the daughter in the flashback scenes.

Does anyone know if she also stars in "The Perfect Moment"? Either way it will probably be a busy summer for her, producing two movies and a TV show in addition to her acting.
Oooooo. Good for Eliza: Ben Barnes is super hot!
well, the website wasn't cooperating, but thanks for posting this. I wondered what she was doing shooting all night in Boston, in June. :-) (yup Twitter is fun)
Don't think this is front-page worthy, but it might interest some people that Danny Glover also stars in "Valediction".

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