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September 23 2003

(SPOILER) David Fury in "Dreamwatch Magazine" as posted to He'll write episode #100, which is s5e12, and apparently Season 5 has the same budget as BtVS Season ONE. (Direct link to post unavailable at the moment).

Clairel, posting to, tells of how David Fury reveals to Dreamwatch magazine that The WB have set Angel Season Five's budget (for 22 episodes) to a similar level as Buffy Season One (12 episodes for an unknown, untested series).

The two threads to look for, as google hasn't archived them yet, are:
"Fury to write 100th ep, & other information"
"s5 AtS budget = s1 BtVS budget"

I was under the impression that the budget was per show, not per season. So Angel has as much per episode as Buffy did in S1, not as much for the entire season. But I haven't seen the figures myself.
There's a thread with more detail on this at the An Angel's Soul Spoiler Board

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