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June 09 2009

TV Worth Watching loved NPH as Tony's Host. Quote: "If Justin Timberlake doesn't want to be the guy to single-handedly save the TV variety show, maybe Neil Patrick Harris does." Definitely spoilery if you haven't watched the Tony's yet. And you can vote Neil for your favorite funny guy in this E! Online poll.

The speakers on my brand new computer are shot already. I really want to hear this number.

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Actually, a variety show starring Timberlake and Harris sounds freakin' brilliant. Add Christopher Walken and I'd watch that every night.
I bet Nathan Fillion would be great in a variety show, too. When's he going to get to host SNL?!
Here is Matt Roush's review of the Tony Awards show. . .
All night long, I kept waiting for the Tonys ceremony to let its charming if sometimes breathless host, Neil Patrick Harris, do his thing—or as the Shrek cast would sing, let his freak flag fly. So I second Bruce Fretts’ Jeer to the producers for letting the show run on so long ... that the host’s hilarious closing-number recap (a smart idea) was delayed past the 11 pm/ET cut-off. This is the first time in years that the show has gone long. Who did they think they were, American Idol?

. . . and a short report from TV Guide...

. . . and TWoP's Best and Worst report has some nice things to say about Neil.

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