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"He's putting the hair away now."
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June 09 2009

Mark Sheppard Earns a Black Belt in Geek-Fu. Newsarama interviews the frequently-seen actor. Interesting tidbit: They might be doing a reading of an unaired Middleman episode at Comic-Con.

Really hope to see more of him in Dollhouse next season, with a more consistent role
Augh!! Of course they'd do something like that the one year I can't go to Comic-Con due to an inconveniently timed family reunion.

Oh please tell me someone will get that on film? I am still SO burned up about the cancellation of The Middleman. The best little show that almost no one saw!
I think he spoiled The Middleman finale but I actually still have no idea what he means by that? I burned through the Collected Series Indispensibility and Googled but still don't remember or get the allusion of the name he brings up.
I haven't seen The Middleman. Definitely putting it on my watch list, even if I am a bit late.

I mentioned to my husband last night that Mark Sheppard was becoming another Robert Picardo (appearing in many of the shows that we watch).
Mark definitely needs more time in Dollhouse next season. I was happy to see him make the jump with Tahmoh from BSG, but his character hasn't gotten too much shine time yet, and we all know this guy can act the crap out of a scene.

We were fortunate enough to meet him at NYCC 09 as well as his father (Captain Witwicki!) both were awesome guys. Mark loves to talk, but he talks well so it's all good. Very personable, down to earth guy.

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