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June 09 2009

"Buffy was an extraordinary piece of writing". Fantastic interview with Tony Head. Buffy, Ripper, Eliza, Angel, Serenity, Dollhouse and Fox all get discussed.

It's somewhat similar to stuff that's been linked to before in the last couple of weeks but Televisionary manages to get him to get into greater detail.

I still think Julie Gardner should drive something with this later with her coming BBC-LA crib. La BBC. Beebla. Just ditch the Buffy brand. If there's a story and it's good, it will sell.
No Mr. Ripper the new Handler, then? Fine, crush my dreams with your astute observations.
Tony Head is so incredibly classy and eloquent. And I know he's worked hard to fight being typecast but whenever I hear/read him speak...I miss Giles.
Tony's a class act. I do hope he and Joss work together.
Mr. Head can teach a lot of people in different professions comportment, poise, and an appreciation for one's work. It comes as no surprise to me that so many Whedon alumni are first class people. You'll never read on E! about this Whedon actor getting 'busted' for this, or a scandal involving 'that.' With people like Anthony Head representing the kinds of people Mr. Whedon employs, it's no surprise to me.
Anthony is the epitome of class. lt would be interesting to see Joss put him in an episode of Dollhouse. Still, it would be great to see the Ripper made into a show.
Newman and Redford played different characters the two times they worked together. Same with Newman and Gleason.

The "Buffvets" could play new characters interacting with a new character, easily. I've heard Amber would like to work with ELiza again.
I agree. Tony Head really is a class act. I would dearly love to see Joss's beautiful ghost story. If there's a way to do it without all the red tape (which I imagine might get redder and gnarlier if the Kazuis' plan to do a new Buffy movie comes to fruition), that'd be nice. Gossi might be on to something there.
No Mr. Ripper the new Handler, then? Fine, crush my dreams with your astute observations.

To me, Sunfire, it seems as if it could be the same script & emotion & plot... but not the "Ripper" name. We could make it into an inside W-esque joke: "How 'Ripper' was made not to be 'Ripper', but is still 'Ripper'". :)
ASH on Dollhouse is better than no ASH on my tube at all. What a great interview and so heartwarming, the good will and affection towards and for Joss.

On Joss' head stone or urn:

Joss Whedon
"He wrote great ... a lot
but more important, he was dearly loved"


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I thought the one point he made that was really good, and probably really true is that it probably wouldn't work to bring the Buffy actors into Dollhouse. I think it's unfortunate that he's probably right that people would see Buffy actors and people would start associating Eliza with Faith again. I'm recently rewatching Dollhouse, and I don't see nearly as many Faith mannerisms as some people seem to, but that thought is still out there and the presence of any Buffyverse actor is just going to make that worse.
Great interview. "I don't use the word genius lightly ...."
How many times have we heard a similar sentiment from someone who's worked with Joss? ;)

I'm really looking forward to Tony's Merlin. He certainly makes a dashing Uther, in the pic.
He loves Serenity. He (apparently) watches "Dollhouse." He's totally not egotistical ("I had nothing to do with it."). He's in awe of Joss.

How can I possibly love him more? The man's practically one of us!
"I'm amazed when I got to LA and I go and meet producers who came up as writers and Buffy was almost their bible and they almost genuflect. So it's always very flattering but it's nothing to do with me. It's because I worked with Joss Whedon."

Love it!

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