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June 09 2009

SFX Vampire Special now on sale. The magazine has exclusive interviews with Juliet Landau and James Marsters. And free Buffy coasters as well! Will they be as awesome as the Buffy Morphers that came free with packets of Sugar Puffs? Only time will tell.

I really miss these special SFX issues, been a while since they stopped importing SFX to my local stands anyway.

I still remember that gorgeous red Buffy special from some years ago. Last month I found lying in a Borders store a copy of the BSG special with the Mark Sheppard introduction, pretty cool.

Wonder if TFAW will get to sell this, I'd order it with my comics and save on shipping.
Oh my god, I so remember those Sugar Puffs morphers, I hated Sugar Puffs but yet I practicly lived on them just to collect the morphers.
I have the Buffy/Anya Morpher somewhere at work.
I want this real bad. If anyone spots a place to get it in the U.S. could you give a shout?
I just snatched one up on e-bay for $25, free shipping. There were 2 avail and now there is 1. I was so excited to see that James Marsters was the top listed feature on the e-bay description and that Spike is front and center on the cover. This made my day.
Drat, I forgot this was out today.

I shall have to visit a purveyor of fine printed materials tomorrow and grab a copy
Possibly very stupid question: do you think it will be available from UK newsagents, say, around the 18th of July?!
I totally want it, but, given that I'll be in London,I wouldn't mind avoiding international shipping fees for once, and go grab a copy myself..!
Is there a reason why they mention an exclusive interview with James twice? Probaly a typo. I will try to get my hands on this, Spike front and center is always a good thing.
If anyone got it already, can you please say which spot Spike landed on, i'm hoping number one.
I got it in my local WH Smiths today, here's how the Mutant Enemy vampires faired in the top 50 (as voted for by their readers)

39 The Master
32 Vampire Willow
31 Harmony
25 Darla
10 Drusilla
3 Angel/Angelus
1 Spike
Awesome Simon thanks.
In the US I found that most Barnes and Noble ones carry SFX magazines.
Borders and Barnes & Noble carry SFX and the specials, but there is usually about a two week delay before US stores have it on stands. My Juliet feature is in it and she was a delight.
That was a good read, thanks for the interview.
But what about in Canada?
A London-based very good friend of mine has just written to confirm he's got an issue for me, although I'll have to wait until I'm at his place next month inshallah.

I told him to open, read and enjoy before me. He's said something about "that Twilight boytoy" in his e-mail :P
Thanks for posting Simon!

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