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June 10 2009

(SPOILER) Page from the Drusilla two-parter comic book. Chris Ryall presents an excerpt from Brian and Juliet's Dru story and informs us where and when IDW will announce the Angel comic franchise's future.

V cool.....really looking forward to this. Cant wait to find out who is writing for Angel....way too far away lol..need to know now!!:)
This looks stunning! And Juliet's photo shoot is bound to be spectacular as well.
So upcoming we have...
#23 - Gunn issue
#24-25 - Drusilla two-parter
#26-27 - unannounced two-parter
Angel Annual
#28+ - new writer

Only Human - 5-part Gunn & Illyria mini-series
Spike ongoing series

That's a lot to look forward to.
Yes, a lot to look forward to. What number are we currently on? The story is dragging and I need to get a countdown going for me so I can hang in for more good stuff.

Very pretty colors.
The Drusilla likeness is great! I've been looking forward to her interact with Angel and Spike again since that Triangle episode.

korkster, the current arc, "Aftermath", ends this month, and Brian is back in July with a Gunn/Illyria done-in-one.

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I think Franco needs a little more practice on Dru's human face, but her game face more than makes up for it!

and about the new issues. Only Human, Gunn one shot and Dru two parter are the canon ones, right?
Oh no, not the C word! DawnLover90, I don't see why those comics would be considered either more or less canonical than the other post-After the Fall comics.
Heh, that is, until Joss pipes in with any involvement he may've had, any ideas he might've tossed Brian (no offense Brian, I know you can come up with plenty of ideas for where the story could go on your own, but post-"After the Fall", I figure you might've asked). The waters become considerably more muddied when that's the case (ie, at least the first 12 issues or whatever of "After the Fall" included a few ideas put forth by Joss as things that were going to be included in Season 6 or that he now thought would be worth including, plus I think he changed one or two things Lynch was originally planning on doing, but some fans aren't happy with the execution of those ideas, so...take it or leave it ? I dunno).

Do they still put "Joss Whedon" on the covers of the main Angel series ? Is his name on "Aftermath" ? That implies at least some involvement.
Is Spike going to be in the Dru part? He hasn't been in any of them as of late.
If the stuff in the current Angel series wasn't canon, it would be in its own separate series or miniseries.

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