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September 23 2003

(SPOILER) TheWB with a general overview of Angel Season Five. "Angel may have emerged from the darkness, but the line between good and evil will be harder to see than ever before. All he can do is go on with his quest to redeem himself - and the rest of the world."

Contains spoilers for how a new cast member 'appears' and the mystery behind the "panther" and Gunn from "Home" (4x22).

As a rule we don't post links as it has illegal downloads on that site. So I had to change your link. Still puzzled why I can't find the overview on The WB site itself.
Just curious: Why don't you post links to sites with illegal downloads?
I'd looked for the WB overview on the site itself but couldn't find it either.

Since lift stuff word-for-word from other sites I accepted it at face value and left it for that.

Perhaps it was issued to magazines/TV stations/whoever to help promote the show for features?

Thanks for the heads up on the linking btw.
It's been known for Fox and co to send cease and desist letters to sites that post links to other sites that offer downloads of a dubious nature.
Can you point me to any such cease and desist notices? I'd like to submit them to Chilling Effects.

There's nothing illegal about linking to a site that links to illegal downloads, especially for a journalistic purpose like Whedonesque. For example, the New York Times and have both linked directly to illegal software. Even if there was a law against it (and I don't think there is) the law would almost certainly be a violation of the First Amendment.

That aside, Fox won't bother to sue you. (It's really expensive for them and since you're not rich and far away, it's nearly impossible for them to get any money from you.) Even if they did, Chilling Effects and the EFF would probably defend you for free.
Well I'm just like to point out that I'm speaking from my personal point of view, you would have to engage in correspondence with Prolific about the rules.

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