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June 10 2009

Guardian review of Dollhouse episode 4 'Grey Hour'. "Basically, nice Scooby-Doobisode, but increasingly we're just waiting for that kick in the plot, two weeks from now. And until then, we're left pondering the main questions again".

They Britishized / Britishised the spelling!

Can the premise of superhero whoredom (or superwhoredom heroness) be ethically justified enough to merit a weekly series?

This sentence makes me cringe
Yeah, the writer seems to have missed the point in that instance.

Dollies! We have a winner for the fan term.
Grey Hour was my favourite of the First Five by quite a large margin.
Yep, this article just about sums it up.
Let Down, I think that you'll find the spelling is as it is because it is a British newspaper, and therefore the spelling is correct ;-)
How many more "is" and "it" can I get into a sentence? Hey two more!
"I care, but I need to know why I care."

...that's actually a very healthy reaction to the first few eps.
This is like catching up with a skeptical friend after recommending he or she watch Dollhouse. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the reviewer to get to episode six, because I can't wait to see how she reacts to it.

But some of the comments seem a little too critical, in my opinion. Because "blog" would've been more fresh five years ago, is it now so outdated that it warrants criticism for being referenced now?
Yeah, the writer seems to have missed the point in that instance.

Nice colour :). And a big hello to our new moderator.
Welcome to the even crazier subset of Whedonesque ;P!
Is Sunfire currently the only blue, since the last round of blue-to-orange upgrades?
New moderator, new fan term, and new name colour (not sure it's new, but I've never seen it, so I dare saying so) on Whedonesque pages? "It's a brand new day", or so it appears :-D!
Some of the orange you see around used to be blue. At least, I remember seeing SNT blue originally.

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It's just been awhile since someone was blue. When I joined I think SNT and zeitgeist were both blue.
I've always thought "grey" looks more grey than does "gray" which appears to have a deeply-reddish hue. Um, but... maybe that's just me. Synesthesia FTW.

Of the 1st five eps, this was one of my two favs - "The Target" being the other.

Many gratz, Sunfire, for your promotion - you are, if I'm remembering, the only blue we now currently sport, if that's the word.
I was blue too.
But now, he is much cheerier; stopped listening to The Smiths and everything!
Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow blue.
Wait...Blue Sunfire?! *hides*
Have they edited out Mellie scenes?

I really cant pinpoint whats been cut, but I swear Mellies only been in one scene so far.
Congratulations Sunfire! I look forward to you correcting me on my de-railings and tangents. ;)
QuoterGal, I never thought I was synesthetic/synaesthetic, but I'm with you on gray and grey.

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Wait...Blue Sunfire?! *hides*

I just got a cool new pair of gloves! Also I'm looking for someone, maybe you can help.
Random: if you get Eliza's movie Nobel Son on DVD, it has a sticker that says "starring Eliza Dushku from TV's Dollhouse"
thats kinda cool.
edcsLover9, I noticed the same thing on the back of the case for Alphabet Killer. It has the little (Eliza Dushku, TV's Dollhouse) in the summary.
^that's cool, but in Nobel Son, she's not in it very much, and its this big sticker right on the front LOL. Well, hey any promotion is good promotion.
I just got a cool new pair of gloves! Also I'm looking for someone, maybe you can help.

If I get to use that thingy that makes people bleed, I'm in.
I'm enjoying following James Moran (writer - Doctor Who, Primeval and more) and his reactions to watching on twitter - he has a bromance thing going for Tahmoh and is writing him haikus.

Grey Hour is my favourite episode out of the first five so I was glad of the rewatch, but I'm also getting a bit impatient because my favourite episode out of the 12 is on in two weeks!
I liked Grey Hour a lot, first time 'round. It was the first episode where the main plot truly engaged me. Plus: it pulled in the entire cast and crew into that plot, making it feel like an ensamble show for the first time. Which was nice.

Also: Sunfire, congrats on your promotion to blue-ness! I think I remember zeitgeist becoming blue around the time I first joined and I also remember a blue SNT. But I might be mistaken. Having said that, it's been so long since we've had a blue mod, it'll take some getting used to. The blue really does jump out at you. I'll be going "wait, what's that??" for at least a couple of days now ;).
Yay for Sunfire! I enjoyed being blue (but do not regret my new gold trim . . .). Y'all heed her, ya hear? :-)
Sunfire, if you need some editing practice before you first have to deal with an episode discussion thread, (or if you simply need to let out some post-promotion euphoria,) feel free to clean up any of my earlier comments. Your final rite of ascension, of course, will be to make the Joss Whedon elitism thread safe for children to read without spontaneous combustion or Hands-of-Blue-like sudden anti-coagulation.

Be brave.
Ooo Mercenary could suddenly develop a past fondness for Morgan Freeman jokes. Don't tempt me.

Thanks everyone. The blue is still a little surprising for me as well when it shows up after I post. :)
Ooh, I've never seen that color before... what is the difference between a blue mod and an orange one?
Also, and maybe it's just me... but Sunfire's blue looks different than the blue SoddingNancyTribe used to have. SNT's was more blue, while Sunfire gives off a soft blue.

wiesengrund, I think a blue mod is a mod-in-training. You know, the newbie who has to do the grunt work and get accustomed to modding before he/she earns her gold colors. Just guessing though.
Possibly, she also has to bring the orange mods coffee. But those are just rumors.

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