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September 23 2003

Soulless Love. The Weekly Ascension casts its eye over season 6's Buffy and Spike relationship.

Couldn't even read it.

Some people get too into the mythology of Buffy and fail to understand that a vast majority of it is a metaphor. Getting hung up on what a "soulless vamp" would or would not do is self-defeating.

Spike's actions, as written, in Season 6 were about his own kind of redemption. Ultimately it was about how he came to the realization that in order to be the kind person that would not do the things that he did to Buffy (read: someone they love), he would have to take extreme measures.

Spike, in the end, wanted to be something he wasn't, nor could he ever be, until he "dealt with" his own personal "demons".

Oz went through the same thing in Season 4.

Yet another person who can't see beyond black and white. Seen the arguments before. Made the responses already.

Never ceases to amaze me how many different ways a person can view the same thing.
In the realm of the Buffyverse... it would be appreciated if those damn writers keep the mythology they created cracalachin with continuity, cause this whole Spike season 6 drama, didn't make sense at all. Screw "But he's a very complexed and layered character"... that's garbage and or bull. The simple fact is... they got lazy, others lustful, hence screwed up.
Darlin', Spike's ability to love and show concern for the woman he loves is shown from the first time we see him. It has always been a part of his character. So the whole "But what about continuity?" problem - that's what's garbage.
"Some people get too into the mythology of Buffy and fail to understand that a vast majority of it is a metaphor."

The whole metaphor thing died when Buffy jumped off that tower, imho. After that, there was very little metaphor left. Just was what it was - two people having soulless intercourse against a dumpster wall. What? 't Was a metaphor for 'having bad boyfriends in your 20's is a bad thing?' Well, duh.
Darling Tamara... I'm not talking about Spike's continuity... I'm talking about "vampire" continuity, and their nature. If other souless vamps reflected the same ambiguous nature as our dear Spikey boy, then I would be all for his complex *bullcrap* nature.

"Some people get too into the mythology of Buffy and fail to understand that a vast majority of it is a metaphor."

Um, when watching a show, in which it's mythology is very much important to a large quantity of it's storyline... yay... ya damn best believe we folks get into the mythology. Thats like given "borges"(star trek) pointy elf like ears, and then trying to pretend not to notice because we need to keep in mind that "a vast majority of it is a metaphor."
Oy another Spike-bashing article. Didn't even finish it. Yeah me too, have seen it all before, had the discussions and the debates. Tossed the t-shirt.

What amused me though is that the writer hates Spike for being evil, yet is angry about the scenes where he was able to do some good? So what is he angry about really? He just doesn't like Spike, period. He could have saved a lot of time by just typing that. 'Hate Spike! The end.'

Also I never had that much trouble with Season 6. Plot-, story-, character- and continuity-wise, there was far more wrong with Season 7. I think many people were just unable to handle seeing 'our perfect sweet Buffy' have a dark side.

Oh and where they dropped the ball in S6 was NOT the whole S6 relationship. They had a point to make and they made it. No the problem was that first, we saw that relationship from Spike's point of view. He loved her and wanted her and she initiated the sexual relationship, while taking out all her pain and anger on him. We felt Spike's pain, not hers. (In S3 with Angel we felt Buffy's pain, not Angel's) Yet ALL of a sudden they turn Spike into the vilain with that overacted-over-the-top-straight-from-a-lousy-soap-opera-rape scene. You know? Where Buffy suddenly is a weak and simpering little girl? (Don't even get me started on her so-called 'back injury')

And THAT's the spot where they truly dropped the metaphor. A vampire attack in itself already stood for rape in that sense (remember the S4 scene with Willow?) But now the rape was just rape. It was also not a natural character-progression but a plot device. They NEEDED it for Spike to go off for his soul.

But the ever-present, simplistic 'let's hate Spike for S6' is just so ridiculous and overdone it's not even funny anymore.
I'm not talking about Spike's continuity... I'm talking about "vampire" continuity, and their nature.

So then BtVS lost its vampire continuity back at the beginning of season 2 with Spike's introduction? Geez. Why'd you keep watching the show for five more years then?

He could have saved a lot of time by just typing that. 'Hate Spike! The end.'

Um... NO. BtVs lost it's continity regarding "vampires" as a whole in season 6. Drucilla reflected some of the same humanity that was present in Spike of season 2. Obviously loads of you are Spike obsessed fans, hence there's no getting around it, but whatever!!!!
Hey, nychick, easy on the sweeping statements, please. You have no idea who loads of us are and what loads of us think. We don't even know who 'us' are exactly, what with 1350+ members and perhaps 20 regular posters.
How exactly does that refute my argument? Other than by calling me and anyone else daring to defend the character (or writers) a "Spike obsessed fan."
Oy "Spike obsessed fans". That the answer to an argument? Name calling? And do add all those exclamation points. They make it that much stronger.

Personally I love Angel as much as Spike. And really, what 'vampirism' entails differs per movie, book or show. Everyone makes their own mythology without have to stick to others. And in BtVS they always tried to add and expand to their mythology. Sure they goofed. Like when they 'drown' Spike in S7. But that's not a story or character error.

And that some vampires have more humanity left in them has been clear since S2 when the Judge commented on some vampires stinking of humanity and Angelus being unburnable.

The fact it was not always black and white is one of the things that made this show so great.
Name calling? NO... a fact actually. Spike obsessed fans are roaming free out there. You may not be one, but believe me, there is plenty.

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