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June 10 2009

(SPOILER) Angel: Blood & Trenches #4 is Out Today. The conclusion to John Byrne's Angel WWI tale is out today.


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I am really enjoying this series. I especially like that it's not a redo of an episode of the show.
I liked this issue pretty well until the last panel.
Mr. Byrne lost me.
Still though, I like the feel of the book,
with the raw pencils, the limited use of color,
the paper and the fast paced storytelling.
Well the last panel made kind of a lame joke out of what had been a pretty interesting series. A way better series than the rehashing of 'Not Fade Away', or the non-Brian Lynch issues of 'After the Fall'. I'm definitely looking forward to the Drusilla issue, and Brian Lynches return after that.
I actually loved the last panel. A shock twist to a series that could have simply been a by the books flashback. Plus, it kind of (in a small way) ties into the WWII issue of SPIKE VS. DRACULA, considering the Hitler appearance.
So what was the last panel?

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