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June 10 2009

50 Can't Stop The Serenity Charity Events by date. Look at all the Serenity and Dr. Horrible screenings.

I got the count from the home page. If you scroll to the bottom of the event page, you can see the posters for prior years with the event year totals.

Great layout. Nice to see it layed out in calendar format. Makes it easy to pick out which ones are close enough for you to attend more than one. Nice.
Yeah, it is shiny! jewelstaitefan on posted about wanting the dates in chronological sequence and so I went looking on the website and there it was. And then I noticed the count was up to 50! Whoo-hoo!
Never been to one of these showings before, but is there a list of the places that will be showing it in 35mm, or do I have to ask my local affiliates?
Yes our Miss Kazia has been absolutely amazing. We now call her the Great and Powerful Kaz! CSTS is very lucky to have her making our website look fantabulous. We believe there isn't anything she can't make possible. <3

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT for the city count indeed! \o/ And there may be more coming soon.

Archon, if you let me know what Cities are near you, I can find out if they are showing 35mm or dvd or you can ask your local Browncoats.
Due to the fire disaster of '08 there are less Serenity 35mm prints to go around than there used to be. Add to that, the wear and tear of shipping the prints and using them, and the release of serenity on blu-ray, I would guess a lot of screenings will be DVD or blu-ray. To be sure, sign up to the forum and ask in your city's thread, or PM the organiser.
Canada is fortunate that there is no problem with prints, so all (3) of our cities will be showing the 35 mm print, I believe. And while the CABCs just announced yet another shiny auction item, Toronto isn't doing too badly either.
What are you talking about, Lioness? Toronto ROCKS!

We're in the black, baby! In more ways that one!
The print shortage didn't have anything to do with fire. It costs Universal to warehouse prints that aren't being used and someone goofed -- the prints were supposed to have been retained for future CSTS efforts, but we found that inventory had been reduced (prints purposely destroyed) when we went to book dates last year. From what I've heard, our contact at Universal was as upset about it as we were, and went to some lengths to help cover our dates. In any event, the 35mm screenings will be a bit more staggered in the future due to the shortage of prints.

But, yes, as Ivalaine said, the best way to find out what your city is doing is to go to the CSTS forum and check out the thread for that city. If it isn't already mentioned in the general info in that thread, you can always ask. Chicago will be 35mm, BTW, on August 29th, with Dr. Horrible on DVD. Can't wait to do that in a big theater full of Whedon fans!
I don't know how the notion that it was related to the fire got started. The fire was in June 2008. The prints were destroyed in April (or, we learned in April 2008 anyway).
Great layout. Nice to see it layed out in calendar format.

Are the dates for both Toronto and New York correct though? Toronto is June 20 and New York June 26, not June 6.
Ruadh, some cities are having multiple events across the 2009 CSTS season, such as special Dr Horrible screenings in advance of their main events.

Toronto's main event is on June 20, and NYC's main event is on June 28.
Hello all:
Dallas "North Texas" is showing the 35mm print Saturday July 11.
We are also showing Dr. Horrible and it's commentary.
Anne, the 2009 Global Organizer has worked tremendously hard to provide extra special awesome greatness for all.
She deserves a Whooooot!
10th Muse | June 11, 11:48 CET
"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT for the city count indeed! \o/ And there may be more coming soon. "

Whoot! and Whoo-hoo!
Yes, Toronto had a great Dr. Horrible Singalong Blog singalong on June 6th with 70 people coming. Thanks to a couple of generous donors we included a very fun "Evil laugh contest" with the winners getting Tshirts. The June 20th showing of Serenity promises to be even better.

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