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June 10 2009

ABC announces fall premiere dates. "Castle" is set for Mon 9/21.

Modern Family, people. Hilarious. Seriously.
*sigh* I know it can't be helped due to the DWTS lead-in, but 10pm is waaay too late a start time for Castle. But hey; We have Nathan in a Prime-time Series. and a good one at that! :D
Has anybody heard what the pick-up for "Castle" was -- 13 eps or what?

I dunno, TDBrown, that timeslot works for me. Nice ending to a night of primetime viewing. (But then I'm in the Midwest, so it's 9:00 for me...)
Yes it was 13 as i understand.
They have the 1st Season DVD set due to come out on Sept 22nd, do they not want people to catch up before the new season begins? I worry that ABC isn't giving 'Castle' the love it deserves.

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