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June 10 2009

Maurissa Tancharoen announces two new writers for Dollhouse. Over on Twitter, we get to know the names of who just joined the Dollhouse writers' room.

Wow, cool, they co-created Reaper. That's a pretty sick writer's room. And nice that there are at least five women in it now.
I didn't like REAPER except for the pilot episode. It always felt like the show didn't know what it was about or into which direction they want to go with the show. But I liked their humor, so they probably fit right in.

I just hope season two of Dollhouse has more logic. I really liked season one, but there were a lot of plotholes or unanswered questions.
Have never heard of them before, but just the fact that one of them is called Butters is fantastic.
Reaper had a lot of problems, but it was a fun show very much in the Buffy mold, and Ray Wise as the devil was incredible.
I really enjoyed Reaper -- it's easygoing, charming and fun, if not actually *great* television, mostly because they had the charming interaction and witty banter down, if not the great plotting & storytelling. Having them on Dollhouse under the aegis of Joss is the *perfect* solution!
I enjoyed season 1 of Reaper quite a bit, even though the "relationship" between Sam and Andie was frustrating, dragged out and full of forced, manufactured drama much of the time. Regardless, the humor was sharp, the performances solid (Ray Wise was THE main draw for me) and the closest follow-up to Buffy, in my opinion (most like to suggest Supernatural for this, but I think that program feels more like Angel, especially once its more operatic arcs get going).

After season 1 of Reaper, the show didn't know what to do with itself, or it just got lazy and began spinning its wheels. For every bit of development that occurred back in the season finale (Andie learns Sam's secret, they become a couple, Sam's parents, his connection to The Devil, etc.), it ended up as more of the same once the show finally returned. Everyone treated each other exactly the same, as if they had completely forgotten how relationships had progressed last season. All in all, I did like the show. It had a light, charming sensibility similar to Chuck, but I see why it was cancelled.

I'm curious to see what these new writers will bring to Dollhouse. I second Donnie's hopes that more logic and a tighter focus on machinations for the plot will be considered.
I just recently watched Reaper Season 1. It wasn't the writing that kept me watching it. It was a bit of a mess really, but had just enough bright spots to keep me going for one season. The fact that it had a very affable cast helped a lot.

I'm excited to see what these two can do with good supervision and a great room.
I'm interested to see what they come up with, because outside of Briar Rose, it seems that my favorite Dollhouse eps were written by new to the Whedonverse folks.
Thanks for the link, btw. It's awsome to me being able to follow writers' creative proccesses.
I'm really just thankful that we get to have this discussion. I might still be in a "joyful shock" that we get another season!!!

I'm reminded of Xander's quote from The Prom. But it seems we could swap Joss for Buffy and us for Xander:
Joss (Buffy): "I'm going to give you all a nice, fun, normal evening, if I have to kill every single person on the face of the earth to do it."
Us (Xander): "Yay?"

Is it too early to start a season 3 campaign??
It's never too early. :P

Can't wait. Looks like they're adding a bit more "funny" to the season 2 roster. Yay!
When I read, "Fazekas and Butters are in D-house and they're awesome," I thought she had a new favorite food. Thanks for clearing that up.
If it had been a new favorite food, it probably would have been in the form of a new food song. ;)
IGN reports that Fazekas and Butters have taken the place of Craft & Fain.

I discovered that Fazekas and Butters have taken the slots vacated by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain. Craft and Fain, another writing duo, left Dollhouse at the end of Season 1 to join Lie to Me, where they will be reunited with new showrunner Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield. Craft and Fain worked on The Shield after their stint on Whedon's Angel.

So, who is running the show now?
By filling their slots, are Fazekas and Butters taking the reins as well? Or is Joss going to throw himself into it?
Or maybe Tim? Just wishfull thinking, not based on anything, actually quite unlikely, now that I think of his consulting position. Well... who knows. Guess we'll find out sooner or later.

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Super yey! To be honest, (besides for Jed's and Maurissa's terrible Stage Fright), Fain and Craft were my least favourite writers. In fact, if "Grey Hour" and "Echoes" weren't in the season (and Stage Fright), Dollhouse would have been good good, as opposed to "After episode 6 it's good" good.
Except for Echoes. Didn't like Echoes much.
Or maybe Tim? Just wishfull thinking, not based on anything, actually quite unlikely, now that I think of his consulting position. Well... who knows. Guess we'll find out sooner or later.

Tim has already referred to himself as a semi-somewhat-kind-of-showrunner of Season 1, his consulting title is just that... a title, a business decision, studio politics. I could see him very well taking over the spot for Season 2.

But I am very sad that Liz & Sarah left. Not only did I like their episodes, they seemed to be a very good force for the show and they were the first that reached out to the fans back when the show wasn't even in production, even before "Echo" was shot.
I am excited by this news. I was a fan of Reaper. I thought the it had great humor and I think it will be interesting to see what these two do on Dollhouse. It's too bad that Craft and Fain had to leave. Although I didn't like Echoes, I thought Grey Hour was a strong episode.
Yeah, me sad too. I wonder why they left.

After that "peeking behind the Bronze curtain" thing we did last week, I find myself fearful of the "comings and goings" of people.
Craft and Fain's episode of Angel in S5 (temporarily blanking - "Underneath?") was great, I thought. I wonder why they left, too.

Is there any site that reliably lists the writers on Dollhouse, past and present/future?
Is there any site that reliably lists the writers on Dollhouse, past and present/future?

Not that I know of, but now that you asked, I've made a small, preliminary overview over here. :)

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Cheers, wiesengrund.

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