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June 11 2009

Three Months of Serenity. The Sci-Fi Channel will be showing Serenity in June, July, and August. The June Airdate is this Saturday. If you can't attend a CSTS screening, permaybehaps this would make a good substitute. Throw a Shindig, and send an envelope with Cashy-money to Equality Now or CSTS-central. (Sorry, I don't have the addresses at hand.)

That's an awesome idea TDBROWN! If there's not a screening near you, you can donate directly from your computer! The link to the CSTS Cause Page is: - The money goes straight to Equality Now and we keep the front page at updated with any new shiny donations.

Or go to for their address to mail monies to them directly.
That is a great idea.
And in other news our esteemed leader Simon is a father now!
Congrats to Simon, and xie-xie to 10th Muse for the donation info. :D
This is indeed a great idea.

Congratulations to Simon and his wife on the newest Whedonesque - the start of a mini population explosion on the board! ;)
Great ideas, TDBrown, thanks for posting this!

And many congratulations to Simon!
But if you do have access to a screening, don't just sit home and watch it on TV instead. ;)
I watched Serenity last time it was on SciFi...the edited out some of the continuity stuff. Ended up being more than a bit disjointed.

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I sympathize, mangydog. The editing has been 'inconsistent', to say the least. I've seen it twice on SciFi, and once on USA Network. The first skiffy showing was ok; you could follow the story and I actually recruited 2 new Browncoats that evening. The USA showing was excellent. Yes, they trimmed, but there were only a couple really memorable lines that got cut. The last skiffy showing was bad; I think they added some extra advertisers. Evidently, we are watching when it comes on TV! :D

Still and all, any excuse for a Shindig with other and new Browncoats is a Good excuse, right?

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