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June 11 2009

WB details Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 on Blu-ray. First proper details on the Blu-ray release of T:SCC's sadly final season.

Includes video/audio data, special features, and so on.

Suggested price $79.98! If they want more people to get on the blu-ray bandwagon, they need to get their heads out of their asses! $50 would be pushing it.
I agree. And on top of that it would have been a good idea not to cancel this show to convince people buying DVDs. :-/
$80 bucks? Forget that nonsense! *sigh*

Okay, I'm calm. My collecting of this will probably be on DVD anyway... we're just extending the "wait" time til the price gets reasonable.

*mumbles $80 bucks mumbles*
What? It's a $20 premium on the DVD. For 22 episodes in 1080p, I'd say that's reasonable.
I would just like to add, even though the first season was only 9 episodes, I paid $12.99 for it on blu-ray. $80 is obscene! I paid about $15 more than that for all 7 seasons of Buffy. Blu-ray is really nice, but not that kind of money nice.
As a consumer, I don't want to watch the show live in HD on my HDTV and then watch crappy standard format on my HDTV with a DVD. I want to watch my purchase in Hi Def. Blu-ray premium is absolutely worth the price. I won't purchase anything in standard format anymore.
Well, I'm just not in your TV bracket. Don't have HD. Have standard. Can't see the point of purchasing Blu-ray if it's going to look the same on my TV.

My thinking is by the time I'm able to afford Blu-ray, we will have skipped making discs and gone straight to streaming/saving to your home entertainment system.
Remember, the RRP isn't gonna be what Amazon has it for. Look at the Battlestar Galactica Complete Series Blu-ray boxset - RRP$349.98, Amazon price $236.99. Dayum.
Let us also not forget that the first week this hits shelves, there will be all kinds of sales going on, as is usually the case. I never pay attention to these initial prices, because I can just go online or to a multimedia store and get it at a reasonable price, sometimes a great one. Even now, Amazon has this title available for pre-order for $51.99 on Blu-ray. It will probably be even cheaper on Deep Discount, especially with their free shipping.
I would just like to add, even though the first season was only 9 episodes, I paid $12.99 for it on blu-ray.

Did you buy it used or well after the fact? I bought Season One the day of release and paid $27.99. Simple math dictates that since Season Two has over twice as many episodes I'm going to pay in the $50-60 range for the Blu-ray.
Dark Shape, didn't buy it used. Did get it on Amazon, so may have been on sale. Can't remember when. March or April maybe?

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