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June 11 2009

Top 10 Geek Pick-Up Lines on Twitter. Take a look at number four for Whedon-y goodness!

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Those are all fantastic! I think I've only seen a couple before. #4 is priceless!
Win! Also, I'm going to use #4 one day.
Yeah, that's a ton better than most top 10 lists that find their way here. Kudos to Hanslel for finding it.

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Haha... awesome.
And I LOLed myself X````DDDDDDDDD
These are great! I wonder what his Joss-ness would think of #4.
Well, that one ain't funny, because it is so true.
Those were all adorable! There was some literal LOL'ing going on here.
Actually made me laugh out loud. :D Hi-freakin-larious.
These were actually quite funny, though I still think I'd groan if they were ever used on me.
Joss killed Tara...
Joss is Warren?
Well, those were pretty funny. Although, in the best tradition of things, I felt the top 3 were the least funny ones on there. I especially love #10, #8, #7 and #5 :).
#4 becomes a million times funnier if you include the bracketed text in your delivery.
@jclemens: You mean Joss is Warren....and Warren is Joss?
Great, now I have that "All your base" song stuck in my head...

But #4 *is* awesome :)
lol Spikesgurl, me too!

I have an English teacher colleague who uses "All your base are belong to us" as a way to illustrate incorrect verb forms. We are such goobers. That song haunts me during Grammar classes sometimes.
Joss the Love Slayer
Hehe, quite like 1 and 8 :)
Haha! #4's great. I also like #1.

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