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June 11 2009

First info on the Dollhouse panel at Comic Con. Dollverse reports that Joss and Eliza will be there and that "Epitaph One" will be screened during the special two-hour session on July 24. Mo Ryan confirms this.

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Sigh. What I would give for one more ticket.

I hope Joss has something going on Thursday... that'd be a nice present.
Oh, good. Friday, not the already over-scheduled Saturday.
Actually, is there a site that shows what events have already been scheduled for SDCC? I can't find anything on their main site. I know the official schedule isn't released until July, but it seems like news is trickling out. Any place collecting this info?

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Jobo, there's something Whedon related happening on Thursday. Expect an announcement soonish.

It's the thing! (for the few of you who I teased about it on Twitter)
Hey danregal, thanks for making me happy. :D

I might try finally getting into Dexter, too, since that's apparently a Thursday thing.
Oh, yes, the thing.
Um, I'm just going to link my reaction. ;>

It's safe to say I was excited.

Careful, Jobo with Dexter. Went last year and it was BOOKED. Small-ish room though (compared to Ballroom 20). I was one of the last ones in.
Oh of course the thing. I seem to have forgotten the thing for the moment, could you whisper it in my ear?
So there is a thing. I knew it!
Dear Comicon attendees, I hate you all. With white hot heat. Have a great time at the panels and at the mysterious "thing". And don't forget us, the poor un-going. Report! Take pictures! Please?
Sorry, I never take pictures at Comic-Con.
I'm with NYPinTA. Hate you all! (not really, just really jealous).
I hate you all too! Although I shall be there, hatin' in the corner.

We should have a Whedonesque meetup one night.
We're planning on it, gossi. Check out the thread on Flickr.

Thanks for the news. I will be in that room if I have to run over people to do so!! (Not Whedonesquers, of course.) :)
And I'll be sitting next to her :)
Holy frak fest! A two hour panel! Never seen one of those before. Can't wait. And thank gods it's on Friday. I share the same sentiments with b!X on Saturday and it's tremendous overbooking. It's really looking like Lost is going to screw up my day again. Possibly no Chuck makes me a sad panda. It's always one of the funnest, most entertaining panels.

And korkster, I wouldn't worry about Dexter half as much this year since it's going to be in Ballroom 20. Still would get there very early. I plan to probably wait the day depending on what the other panels are.
There's a thread on Flickr? Can we link please??

Also, the amazing bix made up a form and a data sheet of all who will be there. Fill it in if you want to share.

I would love to meet those who are going. We can hate in a corner together. ;)
Oh, Ballroom 20, you say? Well, then you should be good. How do you know what room it's going to be in The Xan Man?
Seat 42F

And yuck, it looks like Heroes is actually going to be there. I wonder if anyone will actually show.

[edit]Actually, I'm wondering if they'll put it in Hall H again. Lost needs the room but I doubt Heroes does anymore

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Thanks Xan Man.

Found the link to the Flickr discussion.
Oh, you're welcome.

I'm incredibly excited for Dexter. Planning on dressing up. Gonna try and go full out. Hope people appreciate it. I just need to get/find a way to make good looking fake knives.
To those who can't make it to Comic-Con,
I will take everything...notes, pictures, souvenirs, you name it...when I go down there in six weeks. I suspect a two-hour Dollhouse panel may be an evening event, similar to screenings of those DC animation movies. We should know more, and I hope I find out about that "thing", too, so I can report about that.
I'm taking pictures, and I'm going to as many panels (incl. Dollhouse) as I can make it into. :) I'll add my info to those sheets.
I just need to get/find a way to make good looking fake knives.

And get them past airport security.
Oh, look. More people on the spreadsheet.
How do I update my info on the spreadsheet?
You don't, I have to update if you're already on it.
Will you update it to say I am staying at the Ivy and I am only working the booth on preview night? Also, I'm in for the In and Out Sunday event!

ETA: Thanks!

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Added my info on the sreadsheet!
This Aussie gal is in! I've got an 11 year old boy coming with me, and he's hanging out to try his first ever In'N'Out burger.

I hope we can schedule a get together for the afternoon though, as I want to go to the Supernatural panel that day and practice my fangurl squeeing!
Dexter and Dollhouse both not on Saturday. This is killing me.
Maybe that could be it's own link on the main page?

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