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June 11 2009

Trailer for Seth Green's new movie "Old Dogs". First trailer available for viewing on

Seth's not in much of it, but wait until the end, there are some fun moments with him.

Wow, Seth can sure scream girly-like :)
That looks AWESOME!!!

I love all of those people!

And the gorilla hugging Seth Green takes me back to the Without a Paddle days... :D
I would have said that looked singularly disappointing, but I saw trailers for Land of the Lost and Night at the Museum 2 when I was in the theater for Star Trek, so I can't anymore. Though of course, Seth looked like he was doing a great job with his part, such as it was.
"...and children, and watermelon wine." Ooops, wrong association.
Mercenary, hear what you're saying about judgement-by-trailer lately. Land of the Lost was surprisingly awesome (and really not for children, despite how it's marketed, so it was kinda hilarious to see how many parents had brought their little ones). I didn't really wanna see it, but one friend of mine's a huge Will Farell fan, so she convinced her fiance, her cousin, and me to go. We had a great time (and then saw The Hangover right after, which was also funny but less surprising and maybe just the same old-same old of films in which frat boy and f'd up men behave badly).
Seth Green improved every scene he appeared in there dramatically. Odd that Disney always come out with these type of movies every year, and no one ever really notices.

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