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September 23 2003

(SPOILER) AtS S5x02 'Just Rewards' promo pics. Six images featuring you know who.

I do like the first pic. Kinda cool. Now someone just tell me why Spike as a ghost can pull a vamp face. Have we seen ghosts of demons in the Buffyverse before?

In episode 5.4, Pavayne tells Spike he looks the way he does because of his preception of himself. I think the vampface thing happens right at the beginning of the episode, before anyone (including Spike) knows he's a ghost. Spike seeing Angel would naturally make him feel violent, thus the going vampy. He does it because he thinks he should. Of course, this all happens 2 eps before the explanation so I'm sure it will confuse a lot of people.
Confusion is what Joss thrives on. So the amulet allows for knee jerk reactions. Hmmmmm interesting. At what did Wolfram and Hart realise their plans had gone into disarry when Spike and not Angel put the amulet on? Or was that what they actually intended.
I think that's going to be one of the big questions during the season. Angel and Wes discuss the very thing in Just Rewards, and of course they don't know the answer to that.

I think the amulet was a 'safety net' sort of thing for W&H. No matter what, they were going to make sure Angel wouldn't get out of his agreement. If he had worn the amulet, Angel would have been owned by W&H, which is the predicament that Spike is in now. And hey, so Spike is a ghost, that's still one souled vamp out of the way. I'm sure the Senior Partners can think of ways to work with any situation.

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