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June 12 2009

Vampire Blood Bath. Sidereel poll featuring a few familiar names in a vampire vs vampire tourney.

They ran out of TV vampires very quickly or they really like Whedon. Tough to tell since I don't remember that many TV vampires myself.
I hope Angelus and Angel square off at one point.
I think, in a situation like this, Angelus and Drusilla would team up and go on a killing spree, just for the fun of all that killing, lay to waste all the other vampires, and then... um, look out, 'cause then it'd get dangerous.
I'm having trouble picking between Angel and Angelus. As long as one of them gets to kick Edward Cullen's sparkly butt, though, I'll be happy.
The preceding comment is pretty much the final word as far as I'm concerned.
I couldn't even figure out how to vote :( Anyway, count me into the group "As long as one of them gets to kick Edward Cullen's sparkly butt"
I'm trying to vote:

Mick St. John


But the site's anti-spam ap is incredibly slow in responding, which is holding things up.
Already voted, my favorite being Spike,Lestat,Blade and Selene.
I'm all for kicking Edward Cullen's sparkly butt! Wouldn't mind who (Angelus, Angel or Spike) does it. Maybe they could take it in turns: Spike mocks him to within an inch of his unlife, Angel beats the crap out of him, and then he loses his soul and Angelus tortures him.
Though maybe Angel should be the one since the Bella/Edward stuff is a poor imitation of Buffy/Angel.

back to the point...

I can't seem to vote but mine would go :

[ edited by Shep on 2009-06-13 12:51 ]
I can't believe I actually signed up, just to play this silly game, I am such a dork.
It was the Lestat/Edward pairing - made me laugh out loud. ;) (I'm assuming they mean Tom Cruise's Lestat).

My pick for the final round would be Spike and Lestat, and I'd hate to have to call that one.


[ edited by Shey on 2009-06-15 08:54 ]
Don't feel bad, Shey, I did the exact same thing ;).

And Shep, quit stealing my list, m'kay :p.
Hmmm, this brings up another "geek fight" phrase; who would win between Angelus and Angel? (My money's on Angelus).

My vote; next round will be

Angelus vs Spike

Selene vs Blade
Don't know when this closes, but it's looking like Spike and Dracula, at the moment.

I'd have to go with Spike, since Drac owes him eleven pounds. ;)
Update: Spike wins in a "landslide victory" (over Dracula). ;)

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