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June 12 2009

Screening of Dr Horrible at Comic Con. It's being organised by the California Browncoats and they'll be showing Commentary! The Musical as well.

Ooh, very cool. Will be going to this for sure.
But it's supposed to be on Saturday! Everything cool is supposed to happen on Saturday, all at the same time! Don't they know anything about ComicCon?
We're making Thursday Saturday's bacon.
Already printed it and marked it on my calendar. :) Comic-Con is like Christmas for me... or it will be since these are Christmas-vacation days I'm taking to fully relish the moment. :)

And always a good time to brush up on the lyrics. I know most of us have the DHSAB ones down, but how many of you know every word to Commentary! The Musical? Color me excited.
Ooh, fun times.
Yay! The only day I was able to get was Thursday, so, Yay!
Okay, so I don't have every single word of "Commentary! The Musical" committed to memory, but I've got at least 75% of 'em in the ol' noggin. Hmm... maybe it is time to brush up on those lyrics.

Great idea, korkster! :D
Sweet- I'll be the one singing extra loud over in the corner!
I just wonder if people will start hiding behind mini-bushes while seeing Dr. H, and we see Ninja Ropes coming out of nowhere during "Commentary". I can hardly wait.
I can't wait to sing-a-long!
fun times for sure, I cannot wait!
One of these years I'm gonna make it to Comic Con. The Buffy Sing-Along was soooooo much fun. I wish I could make it to a Dr. Horrible one. That's gonna be a blast.
I'm inappropriately excited to hear a thousand fans singing "Heart, Broken".
That's a good point b!X. Or hearing them singing Commentary(Reprise):

You've listened to every word
Seeing it through
Makes each of you
A huge f#cking nerd

Good times.
Actually, I'm most looking forward to seeing the crowd lisp their way through 'Steve's Song'.

Did ya'all see Maurissa't tweet that she'll be there?
Ack, passes have been sold out for weeks, and now I'm even sadder to not be there :( I hope everyone has a great time!

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