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June 12 2009

Inara's Shuttle architectural cutaways of Serenity up for auction. Part of the previously unannounced set by QMx, 15 numbered test prints will go under the hammer at the LA CSTS screening.

Seriously cool. I think I might try and talk Andy into letting us take a few of those to the other SoCal CSTS screenings. We've got Orange County, San Diego and Riverside. If not, read to the bottom for the link to how to remote bid. You technically have about 15 minutes to email Dwight about bidding.

I didn't even know about these until about 5 minutes before it was tweeted. QMx is pulling out all the stops here.
Oooh, that's pretty.
oooh, I want that. Can't afford an auction right now. But hopefully can pick up the regular one when it's released. So very pretty.
QMx auctioned off a ton of stuff at CSTS LA today. There were 5 of these test prints, and I think each one went for an average of $30. We also got more of them so we can auction a few at each of the other 3 SoCal screenings. We even gave 3 of them to the San Francisco organizer who attended our screening today.

The Jayne maquette auction went very well. It went to one of the remote bidders for $325! All told, the various auction items raised around $900!!

We can't thank QMx enough for bringing all these items and helping us raise money for Equality Now.

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