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June 13 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel #22. It'll be out next week.

It took me til the last panel to realise that was Angel. Isn't it time for Brian to come back yet?
Well, at least the art is getting better. The story... not so much.
God the artwork is bad. I won't pay money for that.
I'm so glad this is done ... I have a subscription so I'll get it but omg, it's terrible. Art/story/pretty much everything. And it really pains me to say that.
Pfft, that's not Angel. That's Superman cosplaying as Angel.
I'm so into Aftermath that I forgot to ever buy #21.
Oh god, this looks horrendous. I stopped reading when Brian's arc finished (I actually thought his run was pretty bad but kept reading because it was canon) and I'm glad I did - it looks like it got far, far worse. 'Every time I think we're getting close I do something to push him away again'. Ha!
I really felt that this entire story line was just a way to cross promote this other kind of 'angel' character... which seems kind of cynical and annoying to me. I will really be happy to have Brian Lynch back in July!
God, the art is bad! I kinda prefered the permanent frowny-faced Angel from the last issue. Now we're back to Squint-eye. What really annoys me is the storyline with the angels, it feels very fanfiction-y and I just don't get the point of it.

And I really wanted to like this arc.

I miss you Brian! and Urru! :(
The art is bad, but seriously, it has been atrocious. This is... a step up.
Why are Angels eyes virtually non-existant?
The role of Angel will now be played by a mutant made partially from Steven Segal DNA.
but kept reading because it was canon

Meh. Even though the comics are Joss-endorsed, I feel like they're only canon in the sense that he doesn't intend to produce anything else to cover this time period in the Buffyverse, and if by some miraculous chance he did, he'd probably ignore most of the material in the comics.
It has been stated here before, nasarius, that Joss sat down w/Brian Lynch and outlined where he wanted to go with 'Angel After the Fall', and Joss put his own name on that series, therefore we have no reason to say "he'd probably ignore most of the material in the comics". BUT this latest series, not written by Brian Lynch, does not have Joss' name nor his input, and I have no reason to think that it is any kind of canon. As I said above: I think it is IDWs way of trying to get our fandom to buy comic books for this 'Fallen Angel' character.

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Aftermath is truly horrible. It's painful to read, especially in light of After the Fall, which was nearly perfect. Ugh.

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