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June 13 2009

TV Buffy Versus Movie Buffy: Who Slays Who? TV Buffy annihilates the movie Buffy 5 X 5.

This is a rather slanted story, but it shows the TV version works better because they put more work into it. I have my take on the Buffy movie on my website. Again, I say if you make a Slayer movie don't call her Buffy.
Was there ever any doubt?

Pure and utter blasphemy. That is all.
Aww, kind of an unfair fight though, no? It's like, who would win in a fight, Batman or your grandmother? (Not a hater of the movie, just... you know... the obvious).

ETA that my grandmother is pretty badass, but I'm pretty sure she couldn't take Batman.

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Wow. . .real cliff-hanger.. .wasn't really sure which
was gonna win there for a while.
TV Buffy was true to form. The Buffy movie was silly and lacked substance.
The "Origin" graphic novel offers the real version of the L.A. story. Where the movie deviates, it's pretty bad all right, but some nice Season Zero bits are in there, as has been mentioned.
The best thing about the Buffy movie was "Silent City".
Boom, roasted.
catherine, is your grandmother Supermanwoman? Because she might have a shot then.

Anyway: although I agree with the linked article, I think there was a lot of "I like it better just because" dressed up as an actual argument in there. But who's complaining, it was worth it just for the video-comparison at the end, heh.
Even the video comparisons are stacked. The movie gets a 51-second clip (sans Rutger Hauer and Paul Reubens) and the show gets 3:36. And it's profoundly odd that the show's theme music is playing for the movie clip. Not really a good way to prove your point and is actually kind of creepy when you think about this other movie version floating around out there.

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I think the TV series has the best fights going, well any of Whedon's fights look very real. The movie was lame, the series is my favorite show, movie or TV and Spike is the best character ever.
catherine, is your grandmother Supermanwoman? Because she might have a shot then.

No. I think she might be James Bond. Or she thinks she might be. She's in the habit of asking herself, "What would James Bond do?" But that wouldn't help her if Batman came calling.

ETA Oddly, it seems that, faced with various dire situations, James Bond would take a hot-and-cold shower. Who knew?

[ edited by catherine on 2009-06-14 04:56 ]
Your grandmother is James Bond. That is... both weird and cool ;). As for the shower: can't say I knew, no. We learn everyday, on the black :)
I think the TV series has the best fights going, well any of Whedon's fights look very real.

Some of the scenes from season 5 were down-right awful (I think because Joss lost Gellar's longtime stunt/fighting-double).

I'm one of the "let it lie" type people concerning this, however I feel as if this article was somewhat bias. The movie, while nothing compared to the series, still serves as a laugh and as a bit of (campy) backstory to the first season.
If they had've based this off the movie length Welcome to the Hellmouth/The harvest rather than a 144 episode TV series the results might have been different and less biased.
Is this movie still a viable option? I was hoping the overwhelming dislike of the idea by well, everyone{?} would have made the backers back out. I refuse to clap. I refuse to believe.

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