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June 13 2009

The 100 Other Best Movie Quotes Of All Time. Pajiba lists the top 100 movie quotes rarely included on 'best of' lists. Both Serenity and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog make the top 30.

And Alien: Resurrection!
I love Pajiba
Some of those quotes looked to be incorrect. I feel like if you're listing quotes they should be actual quotes and not paraphrases.
Both Nathan quotes. Nice.
Two from High Fidelity. Awesome.
They sure manage to hit a bunch of mine but this list really needed:

"I've come to understand as an adult, ...that there had been abuse in my family, but it was mostly musical in nature. "
-A Mighty Wind

There's just NO excuse for subjecting a child to "The Captain and Tenneille." None. (I have scars!)

And I know the original Buffy Movie isn't too highly thought of around here but I've always LOVED:

"Let me in Pike. I'm Hungry."
"You're floating!"

(Or some close approximation thereof. ~_^ Sorry for any possible inaccuracy, but I am up WAY too late and quite frankly it's been a while since my last viewing.)
"Let me in Pike. I'm Hungry."
"You're floating!"

Yeah, that was was one of about 3 moments in that movie I liked. The others were the principal's drugs spiel and 'kill him a lot'. Oh and 'I am a person, I deserve the ball' was pretty funny
Exactly 10% of those quotes included the word 'fuck.'

edit: Approximately 100% of the comments on that page included the word 'fuck.'

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Uhm, that's the quote they picked from Serenity (it's "I aim to misbehave", in case somebody's reading the comments and not the article) ? I mean, I know it was used as the tag line in the adverts, but it's by far not the best quote in the movie, IMO.

Dr. Horrible's pick is just perfect, however. Though for some reason I'm inanely fond of "the status is not quo".
"Dr. Horrible's pick is just perfect, however. Though for some reason I'm inanely fond of "the status is not quo"."

Considering that that quote is totally awesome, "inanely fond" ain't the phrase I'd use.

And yes, "I aim to misbehave", while good, is not the best quote. Maybe "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar." Or "Malcolm, I'm a monster. What I do is evil, and I have no illusions about it but it must be done." Or, hell, "Goin' on a year now, I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!" Hey, it's always gotten a laugh at CSTS screenings, and I've been to three!
Love this list. It has that line from The Jerk that always, always kills me.
Heathers has too many good quotes to fit on a page. Must have been hard choosing.
Some interesting ideas here, but way too much juvenile sexist stuff for my taste. No problem with the profanity, just the sexist context of so much of it.
Loved the one from Fight Club and could think of two or three more. ;)

The list did redeem itself with some great ones, notably "You can't fight in here, this is the war room" from Dr. Strangelove. Although considering that it's supposed to be a more contemporary list replacing the classics, I'd say that one has long been a classic.

Loved the inclusion of something from Almost Famous but I would have picked a different one (would have to paraphrase too much to be more specific, but there were so many).

What about "Whose your cream puff?" from the South Park movie (and I probably don't have that exactly right).

And surely, something from American Beauty (so many to choose from).

On a more serious note, my favorite quote from any movie in recent memory is from Michael Clayton, and was used to such perfect effect by two different characters, first Tom Wilkenson, then for the real knockout punch, by George Clooney:

"I'm Shiva, the god of death".


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Considering that that quote is totally awesome, "inanely fond" ain't the phrase I'd use.

I'm pretty sure that was a typo and nyrk meant insanely fond
I'm gonna go with "some interesting choices" and getting a picture of a pimply faces young man who just discovered Bevis and Buthead humour,making a list. But liking the random movie choices, you always expect the classics in a list like that "Terminator, Forest Gump, american pie" etc.

My Fav Serenity quote is still
"I'm a leaf on the wind"
Its usually the moment i start tearing up and shouting "Duck Wash Duck" but he never listens.
"I don't care what you believe in just believe" is probably my fave quote from the movie.

Also I cheered at the kiss kiss bang bang on the list. I could probably make a 100 list with that movie alone. lol.
The followup line to it was priceless too.

"She's been f***ed more times than she's had a hot meal."

"Yeah I heard about that. It was neck and neck and then she skipped lunch."
2 days ago I saw "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" again on TV. What a deeply awesome movie. And so much quotable goodness. "Talking money..." - "A talking monkey?" - "Talking monkey, yeah, yeah. Came here from the future, ugly sucker, only says "ficus"."
My favorite Serenity quote is Mal's 'first rule of flying' at the very end. I'd quote it, but just mentioning it made me tear up a little bit.

My favorite Doc Horrible quote would also be Nathan: "Don't worry if it's hard, if you're not a friggin' 'tard, you will prevail!"

I do so love that man. :)

EF: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is indeed awesome. You should check it out if you haven't seen it.

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Not too sure about that Pulp Fiction quote... What happened to "Do I have a sign out front saying "Dead Nigger Storage""?

"Could you describe the ruckus?"- Breakfast Club

Maybe I'm looking too hard for the classics rather than these "Other Best" quotes.
Adding to the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang love, but it was another line written by Shane Black that is the best quote of all time:

"I'm too old for this shit." - Lethal Weapon

[ edited by Animal Mother on 2009-06-14 16:17 ]
"I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid." Aliens

That line still cracks me up!
These new "classic" quotes just aren't that good or as well known as the originals. Also, some of these quotes are too long for quotes. But the original quotes that s/he says should be replaced are called classics because they are all funny. The classics never die. The word used was "iconic". And what's up with all the f-bombs or other assorted bad language? Do they have to be loaded like that to be funny?
"I'm pretty sure that was a typo and nyrk meant insanely fond."

Probably, but loving that quote is neither insane nor inane. It's simply having good taste. :D
"I'm too old for this shit." - Lethal Weapon

Nice one. I use that line on a nearly daily basis. How cool is it that HIMYM did an entire episode off of that one line? :)
Tycho, he said "stuff." The Murtaugh List was about being too old for this "stuff" ;)
Lol. It's disturbing how often I see myself in Ted Mosby, architect.
The reason I love that quote is because it can be used in almost any context. When I saw the name of that HIMYM episode, I started to crack up because I knew exactly what it was going to be about.
Tycho, don't you mean Ted Mosby, sex architect?

This list was meh. Although, I do love the "I aim to misbehave" line, but it is more awesome in the context of Mal's entire speech.
I love "Your honor, we find the defendants INCREDIBLY guilty" from the original "The Producers."

That and about a hundred other lines from that comic classic.

"That's our Hitler!"

"ONLY if we ASK him."

"Lorenzo St. Dubois...but my friends call me LSD."

"Come in, Mr. Tact."

"You crazy Kraut, you've ruined me!"

"Max, you can't kill the actors...they're people. Oh yeah, have you ever eaten with one?"

From Serenity:

"Guy killed me Mal, killed me with a weird is that?"

"Trap!" (context is crucial)

And so many more.
Hell yes on that Michael Clayton line mentioned above.
Oh, I have smiles printed 10 times over! Thanks guys!!
One thing about the classic quotes is that most of them have an impact even if you haven't watched the entire movie, but only the scene the quote is from. E.g.

"Badges? Badges? We don't gotta show you no steenking badges."

"I'm shocked, shocked," and "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"Make my day," and "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

A lot of the quotes on this list don't meet this standard.

[ edited by janef on 2009-06-15 03:26 ]
"It's good to be the king!"-Mel Brooks, History of the World Part One, was my suggestion.
I'm pretty sure that was a typo and nyrk meant insanely fond

yes, thank you Let Down. Next time I'll say I love it ;)
#15 was my suggestion. I love Annie Hall.
Lots of great films here, but not necessarily the quotes I would consider the best from most of the films. That line from Drop Dead Gorgeous does get me every time, though. The delivery is brilliant.
Favorite Serenity Lines (please note that I am to misbehave, while good, does not come close to making my list)

"This is the Captain. We’re having a little problem with our entry sequence. So we may experience some slight turbulence, and then … explode.”

"So here’s us, on the raggedy edge. Don’t push me, and I won’t push you."

"Shiny. Let’s be bad guys."

"If heads begin to rise, violence will ensue."

"He didn’t lie down. They never lie down." (Admittedly that one is probably best in context)

“Going on a year now I ain’t had nothing twixt my nethers weren’t run on batteries.”

“Oh yeah, now that she’s a killer woman, we oughta be bringing her tea and dumplings.”

“Way I remember it, albatross was a ship’s good luck, till some idiot killed it. (Aside) Yes, I’ve read a poem. Try not to faint.”

"I don't care what you believe. Just believe!"

“I’ve bet my crew’s lives that you’re a person. Whole and entire. And if I’m wrong, well, you’d best shoot me now. (Gun cocks) Or, we could talk more.”

“Target the Reavers. Target everybody. Somebody FIRE!”

“I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”

And, ok... yes, this isn't a one liner. BUT....

“Do you know what your sin is, Captain?”
“Hell, I’m a fan of all seven. But right now I’d have to go with wrath.”

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