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June 14 2009

Dollhouse nominated for Portal Awards. The show got nominated in five categories including Best Show and Best Episode. Dr Horrible is in the running for Best Web Production and Whedonesque is up for Best Web Site.

Background info: Airlock Alpha used to be SyFy Portal and Joss has already won their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr.Horrible is also nominated for best web production, Woohoo...But why isnt The Guild on there? :(
It's not SF/fantasy?

Congratulations and good luck to everyone involved in both Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. Also, congratulations and good luck to Whedonesque. How many nominations is this for you?
I think this is the fourth time we've been nominated. We won it the first time round from what I recall. I think.
I lol'd when I saw the Heroes webseries up there. Did anyone actually watch that? It was even worse than the actual show.
We won it in 2006 according to our Wikipedia entry. Everything blurs after a while.
Self-promotional link! Self-promotional link! ;)
Updated the Wikipedia entry. (thanks for the link)

Gaah, way to split the Whedonesque vote (or cheering, whatever) in the Supporting Actress, Television category. Good news: we get 3 of 5. Bad news: Katee Sackhoff is probably going to win.

I don't know all of the entrants in any of the categories in which "our" folks are nominated, but I bet Dr. Horrible has a good shot. Omega might get a nod, if only because Daybreak Part 2 was more confusing and uncompelling than A.I. I'm guessing Richard Hatch over Alan for guest star, if only for the culmination of his character's story, but I'd be pleasantly surprised to be wrong.
Get ready to throw rotten fruit. I have to go with BSG, in every category except best guest star. Richard Hatch was great, but Alan was awesome squared.

Partly because Dollhouse gets another season and so another chance for all concerned. BSG had four seasons to win my heart and mind and eternal jaw-dropped admiration.
But I gotta say, if Dollhouse gets three or four seasons, Joss will still have his work cut out for him, if he wants to best BSG.
And I do love Dollhouse, it has the potential to be my second favorite Joss show, after Buffy. But BSG is in a class by itself, IMO. Kinda like Buffy, as in, I expect to still feel the same, six years from now.

Best website .... hhmmm, let's see. ;)
It's hard for me to fathom Dr. Horrible losing for best web production, but the outcomes for the other categories seem more ambiguous. I do wish they hadn't gone with Omega for the nomination for best episode, simply because it was last; without the deleted scenes with November and Sierra, I'm sure it doesn't show to best advantage, and Man on the Street or A Spy in the House of Love would likely have made strong contenders.
Congratulations to all those who make Whedonesque all that it is!
> Bad news: Katee Sackhoff is probably going to win.

I don't see that as bad news, honestly.

And sorry, but I don't think Dollhouse deserves a nomination for Best Series, not with so many poor episodes at the beginning.
Yeah, Katee Sackhoff is good news, even if she isn't part of this crew -- Yet!
I'll probably go with BSG for most of those. The best supporting actress is definitely the toughest category. Every choice is an awesome one.
Yeah, after I posted that I thought about going back and amending my post: Sackhoff's portrayal of Starbuck has been one of the keystones of BSG's success--it's a shame for Summer, Olivia, and Jewel that they're up against that sort of exposure and talent, (hence my comment, which both of you seemed to understand in the spirit which it was meant) but Ms. Sackhoff has certainly earned that award through both her acting skills and the meaty role in which she displayed them.
Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, James Callis, Katee Sackhoff...that's some tough competition for anyone.

And then there's the exciting Dollverse v. Whedonesque standoff. :).
Dollverse will probably get it over us, simply because they're new. I think the nomination is a recognition of our continued quality and the good job the administrators here do of keeping us on task and on target, but we won in 2006--about the time we started getting a lot of mainstream press and recognition. I don't know how many of the sites we're up against are in the same boat, but I'd expect Dollverse stands a good chance as a newcomer.
I doubt Dollverse will get it. It has daily voting for a month, I can't imagine people making the effort. I'll be voting for Whedonesque.
I'll be voting for Whedonesque.

Well, that definitely means things don't look good for a Dollverse win. :)

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