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June 15 2009

Monthly Q and A from James Marsters. This month's questions prompt answers from trying to teach his son a lesson about fame to keys being his favorite item at home.

What prompted you to start a You Tube page with your son Sullivan?
I wanted to introduce Sullivan to fame. I was counting on somebody being rude in the talkbacks, but the comments were all so nice that I don't think I got the lesson I was looking for for my son, which is that fame is a double-edged sword. Right now it just totally looks cool to him and I wish people weren't quite so polite. (laughs)

LMAO! I do love James. I'm barely holding myself from heading off to change my 'polite' comments and being 'rude'. ;)
He would be an absolutely fabulous Iago.

I tend to be emotional when... I breathe. Me, too.
I realize it's a truly thankless part, but I can see James as Miles Archer: "
There were brothers in her bag, I looked."
I need to write to him, and explain him the meaning of the name Piccolo..:-D

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