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June 15 2009

Happy birthday Neil Patrick Harris! The star of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" turns 36 today.

I hope his birthday is as awesome as he is.
Happy Birthday, omni-talented Neil Patrick Harris!
Happy B-Day Mr. Harris! *gets a quick flash of NPH playing Xander*

Don't you be a stranger now ;)
Happy Birthday to NPH (sweet little Neil)! It is hard to believe that the coming year could be even better than the last, totally awesome year, but I hope it will be!
I hope his birthday is as awesome as he is.

It seems unlikely, but I hope so, too! Many many many many many more to you, NPH!
Oh happy happy birthday, wonderfully amazing Neil!!
My boyfriend just turned 36 too. *grin*
Darn, and here I was hoping to sound vaguely original in my use of the word 'awesome.' Shoulda known better.

But happy happy birthday to you sir, and may you have a superlatively awesome year ahead of you!
Happy Birthday Billy-Barney!
Happy Birthday, NPH!! \o/

Hope it's a fun one. :D
Happy Birthday to the good Doctor!
Happy Birthday, Neil! ^_^ May it be legendary!

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