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June 15 2009

LA Times' "Girl's Guide to Comic Con". Dollhouse is listed as one reason women might feel more welcome at Comic Con this year.

That is such a weird list. Most of it is "Here are hot actors and actresses that may or may not be making appearances at Comic-Con!"

Ha ha ha, I love the "patronizing" tag. Awesome.
Oh yeah... 'cause Comic-Con has been so inaccessible to women before this. *eyeroll*
Um....Echo is definitely not walking around "airheady" most of the time.
I find this sexist... women can go to Comic-Con. When I went, I'm pretty sure I saw some there. Unless LA fandom is different than NY fandom...
There's an interesting discussion at Jezebel on this topic.
I've seen enough pictures of Comic-Con audiences, and in fact, have known people who have gone (living in San Diego) that I know for a fact that a lot of females go to cons. Those Jedi and Stormtroopers have their selection of slave/ANH Leias.

Dollhouse isn't likely to cause any extra women to go.

And F.Y.I. a lot of women like to watch shows with a glut of handsome men. ;) Female audience-intended drama/romance helps, as do well-written women AND men who aren't completely inane and spineless (feminist media needs to work on giving men spines, too--it's not just masculine media that needs to work on the other gender), but I know for a fact that it's not the pretty girls that I watch movies/television for.

Check out the audiences for attractive male rock stars. How about the fact that box-office draws are heavily-skewed male BECAUSE of female viewers going for the handsome hunks (this is why feminine movies struggle at the box office), while men go for the male-oriented stories (looking at girls isn't enough to pull them into rom-com chick-flicks). You end up having women who want the men and men who want to be the men going to see similar movies. It's not about inequality, but simple logic of viewer habits.

Does it make it a bit tougher for women in the acting profession that women also prefer male-intensive media? Yes. But this is why the trick isn't so much to make shows full of women with an intended female audience, but shows that are both-genders with equally strong characters from both. And hey, there are plenty of women who eat up Sex in the City-style women issue gluts. I'm not one of them (gag).

The prime balance for a female viewer, IMO, is the combination of a strong woman (but not overwritten with agenda garbage--Leia or Marion Ravenwood are great examples of strong pre-Joss fantasy women--Joss didn't invent them) and the kind of guy that [some] women want (not one that they overpower like a wimpy mouse, but one who is as strong or stronger).
Girls Guide to Stoopid.

Love the Jezebel subtitle: "Headdesk Powers, Activate!"
I felt extremely welcome at Comic Con.
Love the Jezebel subtitle: "Headdesk Powers, Activate!"

To be (un)fair, perhaps the author(s) of this piece only went to the Twilight panel last year. That might miscolor anyone's perception of Comic-Con and girls.

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They should change the title to "The 12 year-old Girl's Guide to Comic Con". I've been going longer than that and I've never felt like the only girl there.
Headdesk, indeed. Frankly, one of the reason I adore Cons is that the majority of the folks there seem to be interested not in your gender, but in what you think/love/follow. I could give a flying washboard ab what it has to do with being male or female!

Not that ALL of us don't enjoy eye candy...but, overall, it's what you love about your fandom, not who's the prettiest...whether you are a gal or a guy.

For my part, I enjoyed the "it's not just for nerdy guys anymore." ...because it's for girls now! The guys that attend are still untouchables, I guess (unless they happen to be movie stars).
My bank account is the only thing that is making me feel unwelcome at Comic Con. One of these years, I will go. Maybe next year.
Given my opinion of both Dollhouse and most vampire stuff, does that make me UNwelcome at Comic-Con?
Not really, there's also comic books at Comic Con.
You don't say.
Apparently that's where the name comes from but I could be wrong.
I thought it was because a lot of the panelists act like stand-up comics.
Simon: Well, shoot! See what happens with this switch from analog to digital? I lost my sarcasm tags. :>

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