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June 15 2009

Dollhouse Season 2 Premiere Date. As revealed in the Dollhouse facebook group: The season premiere date has been announced - Season 2 of Dollhouse will premiere Friday 9/18 at 9/8c, only on FOX!

IGN has information on Fox programming premieres.

Beat me to it! The Live Feed has the rest of Fox's fall premiere schedule, for those interested:
Er... I'm seeing a date and time, but not a date...
Please be sure to punctuate link titles.
The Facebook announcement definitely has the date 9/18.

Yay! (And I'm not even upset about the Friday night timeslot.)
Hee. I totally scooped them on our radio show :P

Dollhouse S2 production offices should open this week too. 3ish months to new Dollhouse, people!
First of all: yay! I'm very excited

Second (and very off topic): Kind posters of Whedonesque I need your help! I'm writing an essay for a literary criticism subject and I chose to write about Buffy and Angel. There are two interviews with Joss Whedon that I'm trying to track down (I remember what he said in them but don't remember what / when the interview was). So if anyone remembers and can point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it. The interviews I'm after are:

- The one where he said that Buffy used the concept of souls but he doesn't necessarily believe in souls
- The one where he said that Dollhouse has things in it that he disagrees with

Thanks in advance
So sad the tags here aren't "Dollhouse Dollhouse Doll-freakin-house".
Whoo! It can't come fast enough!

Let Down, here you go:

Joss Whedon: I would love to give you a more in-depth coherent explanation of my view of the soul, and if I had one I would. The soul and my concept of it are as ephemeral as anybodyís, and possibly more so. And in terms of the show, it is something that exists to meet the needs of convenience; the truth is sometimes you can trap it in a jar; the truth is sometimes someone without one seems more interesting than someone with one. I don't think Clem has a soul, but heís certainly a sweet guy. Spike was definitely kind of a soulful character before he had a soul, but we made it clear that there was a level on which he could not operate. Although Spike could feel love, it was the possessive and selfish kind of love that most people feel. The concept of real altruism didn't exist for him. And although he did love Buffy and was moved by her emotionally, ultimately his desire to possess her led him to try and rape her because he couldnít make the connection -- the difference between their dominance games and actual rape.
With a soul comes a more adult understanding. That is, again, a little vague, but... can I say that I believe in the soul? I donít know that I can. Itís a beautiful concept, as is resurrection and a lot of other things we have on the show that Iím not really sure I can explain and I certainly donít believe in. It does fall prey to convenience, but at the same time it has consistently marked the real difference between somebody with a complex moral structure and someone who may be affable and even likable, but ultimately eats kittens.
- The one where he said that Dollhouse has things in it that he disagrees with

I think one of the Interviews you mean here is this one. On page 5 he says:

And I think there are going to be things that people react to different. I think some things will offend some people, some things will not. There are things in it that I'm not positive I support, and some of the things that bother me don't bother any of the other writers, and that's something that I've been a little bit afraid of, but I haven't shied away from, because part of the point is to look at these gray areas and to see what of this is unique in us, what is it we need from each other, how much do we objectify each other, how much do we use each other, both men and women, and what is actually virtuous.

"Corrected" tag ;).
I guess this makes it real. :)
I'm still pinching myself from seeing the words Dollhouse Season 2 all together.
Crikey that's all very quick! Come on Joss - no time for slacking now ;)
You know, if they'll just be too busy making the show to come to Comic-Con, I'm sure we'd all be perfectly willing to hop from San Diego to LA and just go visit the set instead. Just sayin'.

The set is big... but is it Ballroom 20 big?
I can't wait! Roll on September!

Actually, I guess my first new Dollhouse will be in July with Epitaph One. ;-)

Any confirmation yet on that airing before season 2?
September 2010? What the!!
We should totally go visit the set. We could even get massages, swim in the pool, take yoga classes, and get a check-up from Dr. Saunders while we're there! ;-)
Simon, where does it say 2010?
I'm jesting, lack of sleep and a new baby puts me in one of those moods. Which is a good thing cause we might do a competition to see who can come with the most imaginative viewing party for the Dollhouse season 2 premiere.
Btw, does this count as confirmation that Miracle Laurie will be in S2?
Why wouldn't the earlier Facebook status of hers that I keep pointing to not have been confirmation?

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Ah, right, forgot about that. :)
An early birthday present for me :) My birthday's the 19th.
Wait... which convention in MD is Miracle going to? I'm in MD!!!

(Also, am I the only one put off by using "2" instead of "to"? I mean... it saves one character!)
Thanks so much Enisy and Wiesengrund

In other news, my fingers are crossed for a Joss written and directed premiere
In other news, my fingers are crossed for a Joss written and directed premiere

Yeah, I'm wondering if budget-cuts could also mean less "external" directors and if we'll see more Tim- and Joss-directed eps this season. Too bad that the writers room for Dollhouse is (unlike the ones for other shows, including also Joss' shows) for the most part really that: A writers room. Since the departure of Steven DeKnight, noone in there directs besides Tim an Joss.
Wouldn't Joss be the most expensive director? I assume it would SAVE money to farm out directing duties to less well known people.

P.S. Haven't they already made the first episode?

[ edited by Squishy on 2009-06-15 21:53 ]
I think I read in some Eliza interview that shooting (for her? or in general?) doesn't start until July 22nd.
Wouldn't Joss be the most expensive director? I assume it would SAVE money to farm out directing duties to less well known people.

Really? Ah, my un-knowledge of the biz obviously has no boundaries... :)

P.S. Haven't they already made the first episode?

I think it was mentioned here somewhere that shooting on 2x01 starts on July 22nd.

ETA: beat me to it.

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Hey Enisy, if you're still about, do you have a link for that passage you quoted?
Let Down, here you go (I just googled the exact quote that Enisy pasted here ;)). Good luck on your paper!

Also: looking forward to Dollhouse S2. Would Joss actually be more expensive, by the way, if he was already writing and/or possibly show-running? Or would it just be extra billable standard hours? Seems weird that having one of your writers direct would be more expensive than hiring an outsider. But I have no clue how these things work in practice.
since the departure of Steven DeKnight

When did he leave? He's one of my favorite writers/directors!
After the fifth episode, I think.

ETA: Joss announced it in the same thread were he announced Jane had joined the show. Congratudolences were in order.

And according to this link he didn't leave after the fifth, but after the sixth ep. Atleast my guess wasn't too far off.

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I just assumed that even though it's his own show, Joss would still get paid for each episode he directs and/or writes. And I also assumed that he commands a higher salary, hourly rate, or whatever, than just about any other writer or director on the show. But I could be wrong. I have boundless ignorance about the biz too.

It would be totally awesome if he wrote a bunch of episodes though. I like his directing too, but it's his writing I crave mostly.

I wonder if we'll get better ratings next season.
I really don't think Joss or other creators/showrunners get paid an hourly wage; most likely his contract gives him a set salary for the season, plus percentage points of residuals (DVD, online, etc.). So hiring outside directors--like outside stunt people, extras, guest actors--would be more expensive, not less.

Besides, Joss is probably spending all his time on set any way: either writing, show-running or doing those production-y things that have to be done. So what would be lost would be Joss's input in the writing room. And I would prefer Joss to be more involved in breaking and writing the stories than dealing with directing or showrunning. (Which is prolly why I guess Fain and Craft were the actual showrunners, even though Joss is still Boss.)

On-topic: September 19! YES!
Yay! 9/18 is my birthday! What an awesome gift. I am really looking forward to it! Woo hoo! :)
It's also Rosh Hashanah.

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