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June 15 2009

Interview with Jonatha Brooke (Dollhouse Theme singer/songwriter). A sweet and quick interview with Ms. Brooke. Includes a little bit of her singing the song off the cuff.

Interesting bit about using Woody Guthrie lyrics, and getting access to the Woody Guthrie Archive.
She's playing at our free concert in the Park series this year in Roseburg, Oregon. I'm excited to see her. I think she's got a great sound and playing style.
I love her voice!
Just finished watching season one of Buffy again. Jonatha’s “Inconsolable” was used in Prophecy Girl.
A real charmer whose good with an acoustic guitar.
So that means everyone who's ever written a theme for a Joss show has appeared in some form on Buffy. Darling Violetta, Nerf Herder, Jonatha, and Joss (I assume he counts, at least for writing the music in OMWF).
She's sounds just as good when she's live as to her album songs. I really like to Dollhouse theme, it suits the show so well, she did a great job.

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What a great way to do an interview! And I'd been wondering why people bring their guitars to restaurants.
I think she's a good songwriter, but I can't stand her singing voice. It's a singing style only some american women have and it's very hard and throaty.
To each their own. I love her voice. :D

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