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June 15 2009

Why Christian Kane will be wearing a hat in Leverage ep 207. John Rogers explains, it seems Chris loves to do his own stunts. This time it got him 17 stitches, which he later took out himself.

Can I just say badass?
I just recently fell in love with Leverage. It reminds me a lot of a Whedon show, minus the supernatural, fantasy, or scifi. It actually is very similar to Firefly (without all the space). A band of merry men (and women) who steal from the rich and give to the poor, did I say Firefly? I meant Robin Hood. But for any Leverage fans out there look at this breakdown.

Mal - Ford
Wash - Hardison
Zoe - Parker
Inara - Sophie
Jayne - Spencer
Damn, I adore this madman & don't want to see him kill himself. I can't wait for the new season of Leverage.

EX, that's an interesting Firefly analogy.
I agree that there's something very "Whedony" about this show. The created/dysfunctional family - that "outsiders banded together against the established order" vibe - the witty, rapid-fire dialog, an ensemble cast that works together like they've been doing it forever. Great show.

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What a badass.
I loved some of the comments there, "Chuck Norris wears Christian Kane pajamas." tee hee
Ouch. He has to take care of that handsome face of his. :)
LOL! I loved the Chuck Norris comment too.
*shakes head* That boy never changes, bless him. :-)

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