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September 24 2003

WB and UPN attacked by the PTC. Dialogue from 'Him' and excerpts from previous seasons of Buffy and Angel are used as examples of too much sexual content. Buffy is also cited for using foul language.

Oh they do make me laugh. Especially this:

Harmony and Spike are shown during sex. They are both in bed, and he is on top of her. She is groaning.

Who cares about cut off heads and explicit violence when there is *gasp* s-e-x involved?
Do anyone besides its members take the PTC seriously?
but even adults are turned-off by the rampant sex on TV.
A 2001 Family Circle survey showed that 93% of respondents had turned off the TV or changed channels during a program because of sexual content.

Talk about massaging the data... Even if I thought 9 1/2 weeks was great entertainment, I sure as hell wouldn't watch it if I had kids in the room.
That's like saying 97% of Republicans think Democrats are full of crap, or 100% of Vegetarians think Meat is Murder.
I think I speak for everyone here when I say 'Duh!'

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Yeah right? It's called Sample Selection, people! Gah!
No one writes good double entendre better than Joss. I think they missed some real classics: Dawn: "It was like a meat party in my mouth", Buffy: "That's the best thing I've ever had in my mouth" and the great Cookie Dough speech. I could go on and on.
This is related to a previous news article ("Angel condemned by the Parents Television Council as the show makes number 6 in their top 10 prime time worst shows of 2002-2003").

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There were so many people who never got that Willow and Tara were a couple until until they right out said so in "New Moon Rising" even though it had been (imo) totally obvious before that. Wake up and smell the subtext, people. I guess it's good that there are so many clueless out there, because ME got innundated with anti-gay hate mail when Willow came out. What would those people do if they suddenly got a clue and noticed all the slashy undertones in the show?
The really funny part is that they go to great pains to *explicitly* describe the sexiest scenes on TV for those that are too holy to watch them. Seriously, how repressed are they!? It's well known that during the Southern Baptist Convention, the downtown bars are empty, but room service does triple over-time taking booze to the private hotel rooms.

Conservative hypocrisy reigns.
"bitch slapped".....why didnt they use one of the many times(ok, maybe 2) that buffy's said "prick"? even i found that vaguely shocking when i heard it the first time, and i curse like a sailor, even in term papers.
These religious right people are almost irrelevant in our society now. We've won and they're the outsiders!
This is great: "Dawn is explaining to Buffy her reasoning for laying on train tracks."

And Dawn's so young to be "laying." For shame, PTC, for shame!
Haha I always love those wacky PTC articles. They're hilarious. I have to wonder who is the person to watch all the 'sex stuff' in such high detail. Probably a volunteer who watches it alone in a little room. "No really I'll sacrifice myself. Pant pant." Hahaha.

And did anyone notice they dug out a few Buffy quotes from S5 and S7 while skipping completely over S6? The most sexually explicit of all?? My bet is they tried to watch it but fainted around 'Smashed'. Hahahaa....ahh.....good stuff....
Also, when you think about it, how do you put a percentage on something like 'sexual content'?? Especially since the definition of what that constitutes is entirely subjective! I mean some of those quotes....from Dharma & Greg....that's not even 'sexual content' by my standard.

Also the 'networks learning their lesson' is lauhgable. Shows like Buffy are not gone because of their sexual content are they? There are a myriad of factors that go into shows, their content and their duration besides what the PTC considers 'sexual' but none of those factors are included.

They work so hard to try and make it sound argued and scientific but it falls apart on all sides the moment anyone with a sense of logic takes a closer look.

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