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June 15 2009

Bones Season Five Premiere Date! The fifth season of "Bones" begins on Thursday, September 17, at 8:00 PM.

You might need to fix the title to Season 5
Haha, thanks, McPhee. The title was originally about Dollhouse. :)
hopefully it'll be an improvement on that sucky season 4 finale.
I'm both nervous and excited!
Bring Zack back. Bones went downhill with the Season 3 finale. THE LOGIC WASN'T GOOD!
They need to deal with what Zack revealed to Sweets in S4 'Perfect Pieces' - he dropped a bombshell and it was never mentioned again!
Shep, I thought that was a cheap "bombshell" a way to try and amend their ridiculous S3 reveal.
I hated the S3 ending, that should have been a dream as Booth was not acting like his self. He does not smoke in the show and he would never had stood up nude in front of Bones. Totally screwy ending.
The best season of Bones is still Season 2. People brought their A-games. I don't think the downhill trend has been the actors' fault but the WRITERS- eesh. Bad bad decisions. I think I would have forgiven them everything if they had just done the Gravedigger justice... instead of that garbage they called an "episode" in Season 4. Blech.

Having said that, I really enjoyed the Season 4 finale. But my argument is that they had done such a terrific job mucking up reality that I needed a vacation- a "let's get back to the heart of this show" reflection... which is what the finale was for me.

I just wished they had learned their lesson with Zack and not have treated him like an idiot in the finale.

Here's hoping Season 5 turns it around, or changes into something else completely.

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