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June 16 2009

Whedon shows cited as examples of how to survive. In a piece about how the axeing of Primeval doesn't necessarily mean it's dead, the examples of how to survive are both Joss shows.

Oh man, Primeval was just starting to get interesting - the third season was mostly a big improvement on the previous two. One of the very few things worth watching on ITV. Hope to see Andrew Lee Potts in lots of other stuff, he was the highlight of that show, in my opinion. Maybe even a future Doctor Who.
I thought the third series was pretty wobbly, actually. Losing Nick and Jenny/Claudia/WhoeverSheIs didn't help although I liked the additions to the cast. (And the fairly deranged dragon-slayer episode, which is exactly what I'd have done if I had a shot at writing one episode of the series.) I still want it back though, dash it all.
Yeah, I'd like to see more of the Dragonslayer stuff.

Why don't these portals open into more human populated eras, that's what I'd like to know?
We haven't been around that long in geological terms, and in televisual terms dinosaurs are a better Unique Selling Point. But also more expensive, which is why this is happening. :/

The two anomalies in human history this season looked like they might be leading to a "the anomalies are getting closer, appearing more quickly, building to something!" plot arc. Maybe next year. If there is a next year. :(

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